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Men say the darndest things...

Ladies, I need you to do some posting. I'm bored here!

Last night, FI and I were watching Rock of Love Season One. For those of you who have not seen this majestic piece of reality television, when Bret Michaels eliminates one of the fair maidens from his courtship, he tells them "Your tour ends here." Pure Klass people.

So we're watching last night and FI turns to me and says "I would never end your tour baby."

Swoon. Such a romantic this one.
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Re: Men say the darndest things...

  • LOL this made me laugh! It's sweet in a weird way ;) Men...


    Miss | Mrs | Blog
  • Hmm, the comment that instantly popped into my head was neither recent, nor romantic. I don't know about you ladies, but I struggle to get jeans to fit properly as my hips are about a size wider than my waist. Anyway, he calls me one day to announce that he's figured out why I have such trouble with jeans, it's because "you have a bubble butt." WHAT?! When I got upset he said, "what? What's wrong with that? I love your butt." I don't think he'll be making that mistake again.
  • haha MEN. FI and I were driving home for Thanksgiving break, traffic was slow Thurs morning and while putzing along we passed a 20 something women that was out trying to fix a tire.

    She was dressed nice and there was some guy that stopped to help her aka changing the tire while she watched-- and FI immediately says Oh I'd...... and my jaw dropped and I gave him a good smack on the arm. He immediate response "What? I didn't finish." I told him he didn't have to I knew what it was going to say and he was like no you don't... so I said you were going to say "Oh I'd help her change more than her tire (dirty tone)" His reponse "Damn you are too good at reading my mind" 

    Granted my FI is a total sweetheart and normally shy but he has his groin charged moments haah.  Needless to say I didn't know he liked Red Heads LoL.
  • I accidentally put on a pair of FI's jeans and they fit perfectly.  He looked at me and said "Damn, you're skinny!". 

    Love it!

    ~ Missie

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