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Processional Song for BMs - is this weird?

So I really want to have Lucky by Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz performed during the portion of the processional when my bridesmaids will walk down the aisle because the message of the song is PERFECT for our wedding, and I love the tempo, and the tone that the song sets.  Here's the link to the video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acvIVA9-FMQ

FI thinks it's a little weird to have it play when my friends are walking down the aisle and the song is all blah blah "in love with my best friend."  I told him that they just happen to be walking then, but the song, and the whole shebang, really, is all about US.

So, a poll.

Re: Processional Song for BMs - is this weird?

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    I think it's a lovely song that totally works.
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    I had "Today" by Joshua Radin playing while the BMs were walking down the aisle. The lyrics include: "you are the one I've been waiting for." I think "Lucky" is a beautiful song. I agree with you--people know the song is about the couple getting married not the girls walking at that moment.

    Oops...I think I accidentally voted for the wrong one.  You can subtract one vote for "Yes, it's weird."

  • lindskalindska member
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    umm if you think that is crazy, you would die if you heard what FI and our bridal party will be processing in to (it's not officially confirmed, but 95% there - will share once we've totally decided).   Actually one of my BFF's and her husband are singing ''Lucky'' during our ceremony ~ for the unity candle bit ~ we LOVE that song!!!!!  Just wanted to chime in and say that I think that it will be a great song to play for your ppl's grand entrance! 
    lindsay and kaata - june 21, 2010 - lani phase II my planning bio
  • lwav8176lwav8176 member
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    I wouldn't assume that the song was about them - totally about you two as a couple!

    Lucky is going to be our first dance song - it's so cute and fits the Hawaiian wedding perfectly!
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    How funny!  I was just thinking I really need to start working on our wedding music.  I struggle with this also.  I'm really glad you posted and I love seeing what everyone else is using.  I don't think its weird at all.  I think people are more into the event and not really paying attention to song lyrics like you mentioned.  Go for it!
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