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August 2011 Weddings


Is anyone else having a hell of a time keeping the dress a secret from your FI? I am like the worst secret keeper ever. I usually end up giving FI his birthday/Christmas presents early because I just can't keep secrets. So basically, not telling him/showing him my dress for this long is borderline killing me. Tell me I'm not the only one...
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Re: Dress

  • I am stuck between two dresses, and all i want to do is ask his opinion about what he likes better --- but i cant!  right there with you....
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  • I kind of keep forgetting about it. We're honestly so preoccupied with other things we rarely discuss the wedding!

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  • He asks occasionally, but I just tell him he has to wait. He's the worst about surprises. He'll play the guessing game every holiday/anniversary/birthday. I'm not one to back down, although it's hard with the dress because I'm so excited for him to see me in it.
  • He actually saw a pic on my phone, it's me turned around w/the dress bustled...although it was only for a split second, so I doubt he'll remember lol.

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  • He knows the name of the designer of my dress, but Maggie has so many designs it doesn't matter.   He doesn't even want to hear how I want to get my hair done!!!

  • I honestly have forgotten about mine, too preoccupied with other things. I guess it helps that I keep it stored somewhere else (at my grandmothers).
  • I haven't gotten my dress yet but got my shoes already.  I fell in love with them the moment I saw them.  FI doesn't even want to see the shoes I got much less my dress.
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  • It's driving me crazy too.  I don't want FI to see it (and he doesn't want to see it either), but my dad and brother don't want to see it until the wedding day either!!!!  (my mom isn't in the picture too much, was just my dad and brother growing up)  I think I've shown all my co workers the dress just so I can show someone.
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  • As soon as I got home from ordering my dress, I showed my FI the pics I took! I know that it is kinda breaking tradition but we are both involved in the planing and I wanted to make sure that he will love the way I will look on the big day. He says he would be happy in whatever I wear, but it was good to show him. It helped me reafirm that I made the right choice (the family members I took with me to pick out the dress were tring to live thru me...) Do not regret showing him!!!
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