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January 2011 Weddings

crazy last few days...kind of long

So last Wednesday, we found out that we couldn't get a sound permit after 8pm at our venue. When our wedding is scheduled till 10pm. We talked to a police officer, and he said if they get a call after 8pm about too much noise, we would get a $1,000 and a court date.
We talked to our vendors, and they are going to give us our money back. They didn't even know about the 8pm cut off.
 So my FI and I spent that whole day searching for a venue with an opening and within our budget.
Luckily, we found one! We signed a contract today. This new venue is soooo much better than the one we had! Now I know why everyone used all inclusive venues!
To top it off, we get a hotel room for the night of free, with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries!

Everything happens for a reason.

On the down side, one of my BM (which happens to be a close cousin of mine) is treatening to not come to the wedding because she can't bring a plus one. We decided from the start that we are not doing plus ones unless you are married or engaged. We have already told 10 different people no. We are trying to be fair to everyone. Not to mention we are only having close family and friends (under 60 people).
Any advice or comments on how to handle this situation?
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Re: crazy last few days...kind of long

  • Wow that is a tough one. Well, I would let her know that it is not just her that is being told no, first and foremost. I would also let her know how much that it would hurt you if she did not come to your wedding.
    Sometimes just being honest and upfront with people is the best answer. Espically when it a line across the board. IMHO.

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  • well i am glad everything worked out for the best with that venue!!!

    With your cousin I say ignore her, if she wants to act like a child and throw a tantrum, do what parents do and ignore them!
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  • LOL....that's all I can really say. I don't even understand people right now!!
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  • Myst2211~ I have been honest with her, I told her when she first asked me months ago that "we are not doing plus ones unless you are married or engaged". She throws a fit, (mind you she is almost 29 years old and I am 21 years old) because she isn't in the "married club".

    Kristin~ I think she is throwing tantrums like this because I am the youngest cousin and she thinks that it will change my mind or something.

    AerikaAwright~ you pretty much said it all. I don't either.
    I just don't understand that you bought your dress, said yes to be in the wedding party, and met a guy months after I started planning and after I said no when you first asked when when you met him, and now change your mind 3 weeks out over a guy. She tired to pull the "I'm one of your really close cousins, we grew up together, and I'm a BM, which means I'm special and I should get special treatment" I mean yes, you are special (that's why I asked you to be one of my BMs), yes we are kind of close, yes we kind of grew up together, and yes you are already getting special treatment.

    What I don't understand is, I get why you asked (I'm glad she asked and didn't just bring him along) but I when I said no we are not having "plus ones", why did you ask me again a few months later and get mad at me when I said the same thing. Then again and do the same thing. And then again 3 weeks out and throw a childish fit, when I try and call you to talk about it, not answer then tell me "ok. then be prepared to be short a bridesmaid." She acts like a child and like I was going to change my mind. The thing that gets me is this is all over a guy she met 5 months ago. I understand relationships need to start somewhere, but is it worth it?
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