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October 2011 Weddings

Sig. for July

Start throwing some ideas out there and I'll throw up a Poll!  =)

E-ring/Wedding Bands
Dress Inspiration
Fave Color/Candy Bar/Shoes/Etc.
Cake Inspiration
Invite Inspiration

Your turn!

Re: Sig. for July

  • If I could find a pic and figure out how to get the sig working properly I would have one up.
    I like the idea of having a pic with your favorite color in it. Like a pink flamingo for pink.

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  • Umm...I'm idea-less.
    Failure, I know.
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  • i'm liking the pets siggy, but only because I love to AW pics of my boys :)

    but I'm voting for either pets or favorite color!
  • I think we should do cfave color for July!!!!

    Like putting a bunch of things that are the color (or close to the color) that you love.
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  • i like the fav color one...or pets..because i love my girls ☺ and its always hard for me to decide on my favorite color...i love so many colors...(thats my artistic brain speaking there) i like blues and greens and red...and pink  and orange and purple..well durn the only one missing from the rainbow is yellow huh? (and that im not so crazy about...)

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  • I like the fav color or pets:)
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  • So...the thing I hate about trying to declare a favorite color is that I have no favorite color. I guess if I HAD to maybe pick, it'd be a deep burtn orange with a bit of red in it, or maybe a darker teal, and I've always been a fan of browns like khaki, beige, bronze...yeah, can you see my problem? Anyways, just picking a couple at random I made these (even though my teal is off) since I don't like to miss a signature challenge!

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