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Wedding Maps?

Okay so do people so put wedding maps in their invitations with the internet/gps capabilities that are available? If so, where did you get one or did you make them yourselves?

I'm so used to my phone/gps/mapquest that I don't even just look at a paper map anymore!

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Re: Wedding Maps?

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    I did a paper one that I attached to the back of my directions insert. I did a screen shot of the Google map of the area our ceremony, inserted it into PowerPoint and then used the "Curve" shape tool to trace the main roads. Once I did that, I added the icons and then deleted the picture map. I then saved it as a JPEG.

    I only did this because we have few guests who have GPS. Even though the sites are not far, more than 70% of our guests are from out of town.

    It was pretty easy and painless to do. Looks like this:

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    We did paper maps as an insert because very few people in our circle of family/friends have GPS. 

    I tried to make it according to directions I found online (similar to what the pp said), but I did not have any luck with that.  It was really frustrating and I ended up drawing it freehand in Paint, saving it as a jpeg, and inserting it into Publisher to add the symbols and text.  I know I did it the hard way, but I couldn't get it to work the "easy" way. 

    If you're pretty certain that most people have GPS and wouldn't use the paper map, save yourself the trouble and skip it.  It's definitely not something that's necessary for your invitations, just an added touch IMO. 
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    I made some too, just in case, and used weddingmapper.com.  You can take a screen shot of the map and put into word or another program to print.
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    I did paper.

    A lot of people don't use GPS/phone. It's crazy when you really think about the % of people that don't use that type of technology.
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    Gotta LOVE weddingbee.com

    Here's a link to the to a DIY step-by-step


    there are a couple of other ones depending on how detailed you want to be.....HTH!!!
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