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How are you serving (or how did you serve) your desert/cake at the reception? Are you serving it after dinner while everyone is still seated or are you having a desert bar so that people can pick/choose what they want eat?

I'd really like to have more than one flavor of cake at the wedding, but we also have a couple indian deserts for people to try too. I'm wondering if we should serve them all to everyone after dinner at the tables or do a desert bar so that people can decide themselves what they want to eat...

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  • I'm having a dessert bar. I love raas malai and gulab jamun, so we're including that. Along with american, thai and french desserts. aka, cupcakes, cake pops (american) for thai desserts, we're having mango with sweet rice and coconut milk. and french macaroons.  As for the cake, we plan on having a small 3 tiered cake just for the cutting. nothing fancy.
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  • At our wedding in the US we had a traditional cake.  We did the cake cutting at the end of dinner and it was served while people were still seated.  I have also been to weddings where the cake was served after dancing, and even once before dinner (I didn't like that one).  We decided to go with one flavor of cake because DH was afraid certain people would eat a slice of each flavor and we'd have to buy a giant cake to have enough.

    At our Indian wedding we had a dessert table and a chef making fresh julebi.  I have also attended several Desi weddings in the US where they did just Desi desserts, no cake.  Actually, we were at one this weekend and they had an amazing dessert table.

    Everyone likes dessert, so anything you want is a good choice!
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