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March 2010 Weddings

New Hiccups...

I have done lots of things early and now at the 3mth mark, it just seems like things are starting to get a bit more complicated...These things are totally out of my control and I am not upset about them (except the caterer situation)...I am just a but stressed and need to vent a little...

1) my MOH was gifting us her father as our officiant for the wedding.  But he has unfortunately become ill and will not recouperate by March in time to make the trip down from NY to MD for our wedding.  So we are now on the hunt for a new officiant and will have to dish out the $400-$600 for someone to do our wedding. 

2) I will now have to do our programs over and buy more paper for them. 

3) Our guest won't stop moving!  I addressed our invitation envelopes a while back and (like an idiot) stamped them...and now have lost a stamp and will have to re-do the envelopes

4) This goes the same for our rehearsal dinner invites

5) Step mother is adding plus one's to her sister and some other single older family members that I had no idea were even dating...the RSVP postcards have already been done and there is no plus one...too bad for them

6) Our caterer refuses to return our phone calls or emails and I really want to fire them and hire another caterer but I think we are beyond the point where we need or could do this...

Anyway, just a bit bummed out.  Are you guys seeing a lot of new problems/hiccups/issues coming up at the almost last minute too?
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Re: New Hiccups...

  • The only major hiccup that I'm now facing is that it seems that my dad tore a tendon in his foot yesterday.  He has an appointment tonight with the doctor to see how bad it really is (he can't even move his foot)... but he could easily be in a cast 8 weeks!  I know it's minor in the grand scheme of things but I just can't believe it happened.
  • I know exactly what you mean.  I almost feel guilty about being concerned about our wedding when my best friend's father is in the hospital...so I definitely waited until she bought it up...but it just sucks when things like this come up. 

    I hope your Dad's foot gets better soon!
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  • Oh man that is a lot going on!  We had some hiccups with our venue/caterer.  They had switched around people a few times and there were no notes on our event - they didn't even have our contract on file.  With that I'm just taking things in stride. 

    It seems as though the guest list keeps growing.  And I want to know why parents think that it is appropriate to invite THEIR friends whom you've never met to YOUR wedding.  It's weird.

    I've got some family issues to iron out.  You may have read my grandma/aunt post a little while ago - I'm dealing with that.  And now may have another issue with a different aunt who is not giving me her address.  It is thought that she doesn't want to go to the wedding because her dad (my grandpa) will be there.  So then who knows if grandma (his ex-wife) will be attending either.

    I think there are lots of hiccups in wedding planning.  You unfortunatley just have to roll with them.  It sucks.  And right now I'm wishing I had gotten a $99 David's Bridal gown off the rack, went to the courthouse and then had a nice dinner with immediate family, and then party on the town with friends.  Just sounds so much more fun.
  • We had some hiccups too...

    We were all set to have our reception at the same place as the ceremony, but when talking with our friend (who owns the building) over the holidays he let us know that in the room where we were having the reception, there would be no heat and limited electricity.  We're talking renting heaters and using generators 2 1/2 months before the wedding??!!!  REALLY??!!

    Luckily, as we always say, "things happen for a reason" and we were able to find a community center room that isn't horrible and actually SAVED us money!!!

    Just taking it in stride and limiting the freak outs to stuff that really matters!

    Best wishes to everyone, happy planning, and good health vibes to all!!!
  • Have had lots of hiccups here too!

    I totally sympathize with you on the guest list and parents inviting their friends.  I just try to take it in stride and remember this is a big day for them too!

    We are doing a donation to the American Cancer Society and giving everyone a daffodil to celebrate daffodil days (and the daffodils will be doing double duty as centerpieces, and the vases will be etched with our names and date and given as thank yous to important family members...I was proud of that idea!) Well the ACS favors have been a headache!! Fed Ex lost them once, the second time they were wrong, and I finally got the correct proof before Christmas, but then they ran out of card stock and they haven't been shipped yet.

    The jeweler that was making my FI's ring was supposed to have it done the 15th of December, it still isn't in.  They said it was because of the holidays and when I said our order was supposed to be done before the holiday I was told some vendors closed two weeks before Christmas and because it was custom made it may be because of that...sounded fishy to me! 

    This one isn't really a hiccup, but did make me a little sad. My MOH is pregnant.  I love her to death and would never dream of asking her to step down, and we are actually throwing her a baby shower the morning of the rehearsal before the luncheon since we all live in different states. (I figured what's a little more planning stress) So very exciting!  I am just a little sad because she isn't going to make it to my shower, or bachelorette party, and she is now so busy preparing for a baby, it's hard to ask her for help with the wedding.

    We're all feeling the same pain which helps! I hope everyone's family members have speedy recoveries!
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  • Yeah, one of my MOH's came over tonight and she was saying over and over that the most aggrevating part of this whole thing (she got married over the summer) is the guest list and what happens after you send out the invitations.  I am trying to get over the issues we have now to mentally prepare for all the other things that are bound to come up. 

    OMG!  Heidi, I would have been beyond pissed if I had to find another venue in 2.5 mths.  That is out of control.  Good thing it worked out.
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  • Wow - glad I'm not the only one. My mom is inviting not only people I've never met, but people I actually dislike. A lot. But since she's paying for the fodd and drinks I figured I'd let her invite those moochers.

    Yes, guest lists are always crazy - it;s amazing how difficult it is to get stupid addresses! I still don't even have them all.

    Another hiccup is my MOH - but that's in a separate post.

    I think mostly for me I just have to let some things go. I was freaking out about how to get the whole WP to the church and then finally someone told me (I think you guys) that they're adults and they can figure it out themselves. I need to do that with a few more things...
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