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Does anyone know where I can get a rustic wedding arch? I would preferably like to just rent one... but am open to buy if need be. Truthfully I'm just hoping to find one that I like in the style I'm wanting :0) We are having a June garden wedding and we want it to be rustic/romantic with a touch of whimsy.

This first picture is my favorite. They have it available as a rental in Orange County Ca so obviously a bit far away lol

But also love this one

This one is also pretty great

So if any of you Indiana brides have come across anything in this range, please let me know where! Thanks so much!

Re: rustic arch

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    Your florist might be able to make one for you...not sure how expensive but surely it couldn't be THAT much more than renting one?  They have access to those sorts of materials.  Just a thought!
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    We made a rustic arch with tree limbs and tulle.  It was a box with four corners, and four top pieces that gave it stability.  We draped it with tulle and tied it at each corner 2 feet above the ground with baling twine.  I already had the tulle, but it was the only thing that we paid for since my dad had a ton of baling twine.  Here's a pic with the aisle decorations we did too. 

    The aisle decorations were driftwood that we collected.  We used Gold Peak tea bottles and I attached them with baling twine.  They were filled with baby's breath. 
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    Thanks for the suggestions! I never thought to ask a florist but great idea! I also LOVE the driftwood decorations... very neat idea! But I still have a year so plenty of time to come up with one! :0) Just trying to get a head start
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