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In Search of Reception Venue-Pasadena, CA

We have finally decided to have the ceremony at a church and now we need ideas for a reception venue in Pasadena, CA. We are looking for a nice inexpensive place. Trying to stay in budget.

Re: In Search of Reception Venue-Pasadena, CA

  • What is inexpensive? Give us some numbers.
  • I'm not sure exactly. I just need some possible places and I can narrow it down.
  • How many guests do you plan to have? There's some restaurants that I know cater to weddings but they are not that big.
  • No more than 150 people and that includes the wedding party, bride and groom and our daughter. (everyone)
  • I am also having my wedding in Pasadena ;) I looked at the wedding sites in Pasadena and depending on you budget your idea of low and mine could be different. I would say most places I spoke with were saying at the lowest was maybe 35 a person and that was like for the cheapest meal plan they had. Also a lot of places charges a 20% gradtuites and tax. Are you only looking at pasadena? There are some much cheaper and nice venues like in Glendale, Burbank, North Hollywood area :)
  • I am having my reception at the Rococo Room in Pasadena. I can give an update after the wedding day, but out of the many places I researched, they were one of the few that I liked, thought it felt like a very nice place and good location, and was within our price range. The Friday night minimum is currently $5000 for food and drink, and entrees run about $45 per person.
  • This company does a lot of work in pasadena check them out, they know a lot
    One of my friends had there wedding done by them, AWESOME
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