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Villa St. Claire and the Palm Door

Does anyone know anything about the Villa St. Claire? I loved Kim who runs the venue and is the day of coordinator and the space is great but I've only seen 5 places total but I just feel like this is the place. Any tips or things to consider about VSC are greatly appreciated!

Also just a side note I think for me I really wanted a Day of Coordinator that made me feel like I was important and they genuinely cared about our big day. My Wedding Planner called the Palm Door to ask some preliminary questions before we went to the venue and their planner was rude and condescending towards her. My planner asked about the average cost of food per person and direct quote was "Sweetheart...that is all gonna depend on what you order. Hot dogs and bud light is not going to cost the same as champaign and beef tenderloin" Not the attitude I want on my wedding day!

Re: Villa St. Claire and the Palm Door

  • SarahPLizSarahPLiz member
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    But it is true. Average cost of catering doesn't really mean anything. Ive seen people have cake and punch receptions there, and then Perez Hilton threw a party there. If you average those 2, I bet its out of most people's price range. However, I did try to get a quote from Pink Avocado, their caterer, and it was like pulling teeth. I eventually stopped trying, and they never noticed. Oh well.

    I have heard that VSC is a little hard to find, especially at night for people not acquainted with the area. I used to live out there. Its kind of far out if I am remembering correctly. 
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    It may have something to do with the fact that you are bringing in a planner to talk to the coordinator. She may feel a tad bit territorial because she may feel like she is all you need for the wedding.
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    My friend got married at Villa St. Claire and it was really lovely. It was really difficult to find and guests got lost on the way out there, but the wedding started late anyhow so it worked out fine.

    I seem to remember she didn't have a lot of choices on vendors, that it was kind of all-inclusive, but I'm not sure about all the details.
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    I think with all venues it is hard to compare at apples to apples. Because none offer the exact same amenities.  Look for hidden costs: Linens, table rental, food, alcohol, clean up, rain plan, day of wedding coordination, required security, china vs paper or plastic.  I suggest setting up a spread sheet and being honest with yourself about true pro's and con's.
  • llizzy86llizzy86 member
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    I am getting married at villa st. clair in july, and my dj that I hired just did a wedding there. She told me that most people get confused, but I think with a great map, you will be just fine. Also my FI and I decided to put our start time on the invitation for 5:45pm and not start the ceremony until 6:00 or 6:15 because I am one of the people that hate when people are not on time, especially on my day. Good luck!!!
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    I've been to one wedding there know of another that took place and my friend is getting married there is april. Its really nice and not badly priced. I would defiantlly go with them it is though a little hard to get go. i would decorate a little if possibly to show people where to turn.
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    Thanks so much ladies! It's like you read my mind and answered some of the questions I already had. I'm looking another couple of places but can't seem to shake the butterflies I got when I walked in the door at VSC!
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