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June 2010 Weddings


I just read your response in the Honeymoon thread.  Ireland sounds great  But definitely don't back down on going with your FILs!  That would be awful!  Who wants to go on a honeymoon with their ILs?  Gross lol.  GL!


  • haha. We're going on our honeymoon with the ILs!  Well, not really. Tongue out 

    We have 10 days and nights as our honeymoon then our families are joining us for 5 days. I can totally see how some people would find it strange or 'gross' though. I just see the first 10 days as our official honeymoon and the last 5 as just extra vacation so I think it'll be fun. But yeah, not everyone thinks like me. 

    Don't back down EKSK!
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  • LOL Beth!  You have the absolute biggest exception to that statement.  Your time alone with your FI is longer than most peoples'  honeymoon!  That's totally cool!

    See I say all of this because FMIL had originally wanted us to have a destination wedding so we could "all go on the honeymoon together".............

    Then when FFIL had the opportunity to be transfered to Hawaii for a year for his job, she thought we could stay at their house for our honeymoon...............

    N.O.  Lol.  That's more what I was getting at.  And I think destination weddings are amazing, the main reason we didn't do one was because FMIL would have been in our business like whoa.
  • oh yeah. Your situation is totally different! She wanted you to actually stay in the same house with her during your honeymoon? Awkward!!!

    Yeah, we're lucky to have such a long honeymoon. It's one of the reasons we decided to stay in the continental US rather than go to an island paridise.

    Maybe you could just go to Hawaii sometime later. AFTER the honeymoon. hehe.
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