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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

2 days married :)

I had the most difficult wedding planning process EVER. We threw and off beat poker themed wedding (there is more to this story). We had a wedding party of a total of 19 people, and had to change our ceremony location 3 days before the wedding because of a storm coming in. I almost called off the wedding and eloped because of the drama we had.

I love that we threw such a fun themed wedding. My husband and I love to play cards. Hence, why we threw a poker wedding. It was great to us and we went through with it, but we had to take a lot of heat for the theme. I think the word "tacky" was told to us 1000 times. "Your theme is tacky!"  "Your decor will be tacky!" "Poker is tacky!"  Tacky. Tacky. Tacky.

Everyone had an opinion or idea, and insisted we didn't know how to handle our wedding. Our bridesmaids (I had 7 and a bridal attendant) were whining throughout the whole process. Four of them never did a thing I asked or helped my maid of honor with ANYTHING. It was very frusterating and tiring. 

The easiest part of the awful was switching the venue. Luckily our ceremony list was only 60 people because our outdoor venue had limited seating, our dinner was about 250 people.  I work for a catering company at the place that our reception and dinner was held, so they were able to accomodate us quickly and help us move our ceremony there. 

I could go on forever about this, but I won't because all of that doesn't matter anymore. Despite everything that went wrong through the process. We had a wonderful wedding day, and it was so much fun!! The ceremony went off without a hitch! The dinner was delicious and the dance was a blast! Our parents and guests had a wonderful time! It was an all out wonderful day even with the rain and cold. 

My advice to any of you brides out there planning your wedding...if you have any trouble, it will be okay in the end. Just let the problems roll off. It is YOUR wedding, not your friend's, parent's or sibling's. YOUR choices are the ones that matter. Focus on the fact that you are marrying the person you love and go forward with what the two of you want. A wise lady once told me "On your wedding day, don't let the things that go wrong get to you because no one else will know. Only you will because you planned it. If you don't point it out the guests will never know." This was the best advice I got the WHOLE time, because chances are a  few little things will go wrong on wedding day, but only you will know. It will be just fine. :) Enjoy yourself, enjoy your day. Smile and enjoy the ride because the day goes quickly, and it will be wonderful!

Re: 2 days married :)

  • Were your bridesmaids whining because you asked them to do things that you should have paid a coordinator to do? Bridesmaids are not free labor. Since you keep insisting that it was YOUR day, you shouldn't have been asking or expecting them to do anything except show up in the dress and smile for pictures.
    Regardless, congratulations.
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