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Life sucks dudes....

I got laid off yesterday. Dickhole of a boss anyways. Eck yay for job hunting after just blowing entire savings on wedding! Bring on the holidays!

Re: Life sucks dudes....

  • I'm with you.  I got laid off the day we were leaving for out honeymoon while I was picking up my paycheck.  I worked for them for two years and they couldn't even congragulate me on my marriage.  So ive been job hunting for the past two weeks, and then DH comes up friday night only to tell me that he got laid off to.  So right now, we have no household income.  We're not sure what we're going to do.  Thank god for wedding money we were able to pay the rest of our bills this month though.  Although, now we can kiss our costa rica trip goodbye. 
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  • Aw man, that sucks for both of you guys.  Douchebag bosses... I'll send good thoughts your way that you're able to find a good job soon.

  • sorry dude--- Ive been laid off for 10 months now... i hope you have better luck in the job search than Ive had.... hang in there friend :o)

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  • I'm so sorry for both of you! I know how you feel. I was laid off last year and it's hard but you will get through it. Hang in there, keep your heads up and keep applying non-stop! Something will come along!
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  • I'm so sorry, I can't imagine the stress that must feel, especially with kids Jess! Hang in there, hope that you both find something FABULOUS really soon!
  • Awww sucky!  And I'm w/ Ferdy- going on 10 months of no j.o.b. and H is now laid off for the season because he works at a golf course.

    Everything is tight and I hate to think of what we can, and cant get for Christmas, especially since its the first one our DD really understandis whats going on.

  • oh my god, that suuuucks girls!  i am so so so sorry!  

    sending ALL of you who are laid off good job vibes.  my parents both got laid off within months of my being engaged.  and they were paying for the majority of the wedding.  my poor dad still hasnt found work, it has been almost 7 months.

    stay positive, you will figure something out!
  • Ohhhh jeez...I'm so sorry.  That is awful.  I hate to hear these stories!  So many people without work.  Here's to hoping that the closed doors will open to something soooo much better and happier!  xxoo Good luck!!
    And anyone who truly cares about you will understand the situation when it comes to the holidays!  We have family and friends without jobs and we would be upset if they spent $$ on us for a holiday or for our wedding.  A note and some time spent together is perfect!!
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  • I'm so sorry to hear that! Sending good vibes to anyone without a job right now.

    Oh, and just a suggestion, but I just spent over a year as a temp while looking for something permanant...if you have a good company, they can usually keep you busy. Also, it keeps you used to the rythm of having a job :)
  • I'm so sorry Jessie. That is awful. I hope you find something soon!
  • So sorry ladies.. I can't imagine :(
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  • Im giving myself until the end of next week and if nothing perm and fulltime comes up I'll go parttime retail or something until I can get a fulltime position.
  • Jessie honey, I'm so sorry to hear this.

    It's probably for the best anyway right?  Your boss sounded awful.

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  • booo hiss....here's hoping something comes up...

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  • So sorry that you lost your job :*(
    Sending you guys good job vibes.
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