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Ceremony Locations

Anyone know of a church in the Lakewood/Westlake/Rocky River area that doesn't require a ton of classes or counciling sessions?  Thanks for any input anyone has.  It can be in any of the suburbs on the west side!

Re: Ceremony Locations

  • JKohioJKohio member
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    In MIddleburg Hts, we married at Pleasant Valley United Methodist church. No requirements for counseling/classes and you don't have to be members (we weren't/aren't and I am not even Methodist). The price is right, too -- IIRC, around $350. We med with Rev. Buckeye I think 2x and it was no big deal. He's super nice! From what I understand, all of the Methodist churches operate similarly, so check out some in the suburbs you mentioned, if that would be closer for you.
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    Lakewood Congregational Church. I searched everywhere for a church that didn't require counseling and classes, and this was by far the nicest one I found. We met with the reverend and he is what made us pick LCC. He is very helpful and willing to work with us to make our ceremony personal.
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    Thanks! I had just called Lakewood Congregational Church yesterday and talked to patti.  I'm looking forward to seeing the inside.  That's great to know about the reverend.  How is the inside? Do you have any pics by chance?
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