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New Jersey

NWR Digital Camera

Hi ladies, can you rec your digital camera that is $200 and under.  Ours has been crapping out lately so I thought I would get a new one before the honeymoon. Esp with all the good sales going on right now. I will be popping on and off all day. Thanks!

Re: NWR Digital Camera

  • kozacskozacs member
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    I highly recommend the Canon SD series.  Between myself, FI and FMIL we all have different models but LOVE the camera.  You can also check out Amazon for a water proof case, I think it was $20-30.  FI and I took our camera snorkeling and have fantastic underwater pics/video!
  • smw42smw42 member
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    I have a canon like this one:

    And my mom has this Nikon that she really likes:

    We bought a Digital SLR for the honeymoon but the above two are good everyday cameras to keep in your purse and whatnot.

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    The Canon S95 is probably the best point and shoot out there right now but it's $350

    In that price range, I would go with the most inexpensive model you can find (stick with canon, nikon, or panasonic) that has the features you want.

    Don't fall gimmicks like a huge # of mega-pixels, and sthings like smile, blink, and face detection.  If they come with it, fine, but don't pay extra for these useless features.

    The smallest ones use an internal recharable battery......so when it's dead, you have to stop shooting and charge it.  The ones that take AA batteries, well can be replaced when they die so you can keep on shooting.  They tend to be larger footprints though.

    If you do a lot of landscape or sports shooting go with one with a super zoom.  A viewfinder (while getting rarer and rarer) is nice too for when you are in really bright sunlight and the LCD is useless

    For indoor portrait and group people shooting, get something with a wider lens and a decent flash.  Some P&S flash recharge cycling time is like 10 seconds which is very grueling.

    Do your research on cnet and dpreview.com

    Good luck!
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    So what did you end up getting?
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