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European Bridal--Grrrr

So I ordered my dress from European Bridal, and I love it, but I read a post on here a few days ago that said lots of their styles are just Allure Bridals styles renamed Artistic Bridal and marked up, so I looked, and sure enough, this is my dress!!! http://www.allurebridals.com/index.php?id=3&product_id=516

Then I searched for it, and found it for way way way less! Like for $518-$750....and I paid $1300!!!! So so so mad! I feel ripped off! So, all of you girls just starting to look for the dress, beware of European Bridal! If you find one you love, check the Allure site first and compare prices, because I guarantee you will find it cheaper! Hope this helps someone to not waste precious wedding budget!

Re: European Bridal--Grrrr

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    That is awful. Is it possible to cancel your order and reorder elsewhere? Also, if you used an AmEx to purchase it you can cancel the order that way.
  • afloggieafloggie member
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    Definitely talk to them and let them know that you found it somewhere else for significantly cheaper. 
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    Oh no! I'm so sorry that happened to you! I would definitely check with them to see if you can work something out.

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  • DebbydewDebbydew member
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    If I'd found out sooner, I probably could've cancelled, but it takes 16-24 weeks to come in from all the sites I found it on and the wedding is 10 weeks from today, so no time. I am definitely going to mention it to them, but don't know if they will do anything since I've already paid for half of it and signed the contract saying I'd pay the rest. They have me locked in to that price! Oh well, just hope this helps someone else!
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    I went to European last fall when I was looking for a dress. I asked to try on a dress in the window.  The sales lady was all smiles and super sweet when she saw the look on my mom's and my face when we knew it was "the one."  So I asked how much it was and it was about twice the amount I wanted to spend. It was well over $1000 and I was crushed.  When I told her I couldn't spend that much, she told me to get out of the dress and said she wouldn't have bothered to put it on me.  I was super insulted.  Mom and I searched the ends of the internet trying to find that dress.  The "exclusive" designer gown was an Allure dress.  We drove to Louisville who carries MANY Allure gowns and I bought it for $600.  (And it came in less than a month.)  European knows who those designers are and they rip the tags out so you can't price compare.  They try to sell it as an exclusive designer and do NOT negotiate price.  I would never recommend them!  They are the biggest rip off. 

    I'm so sorry you had to go through that!  I posted something about European when this happened to me and it was removed.  Hopefully you will have better luck with your budget elsewhere!!
  • kelklumpkelklump member
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    This is a typical story I have heard from many who shop there. I was insulted many times by the same lady when I was dress shopping. I was shoppng with my fiance (now husband) and the lady told me it wasnt proper to do so. That was just the start. I told her what I wanted and my price point - everything she showed me was NOt what I wanted to see. She made multiple comments about me not fitting into their dresses (I am no way large, just heavy on the top). I have never felt so insulted as I did that day. I ended up finding a dress at Bridal and Formal, they negotiated the price and I was happy to have someone treat me like a human, not try to rip me off.
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    This is so upsetting--I am glad you are warning other brides.  It seems so unethical to claim something is exclusive to them when it is really just a dress available other places with the tags replaced.  I went there, told them I was just looking, and the sales person sort of forced me to try on dresses that were nothing like I said I wanted.  She then acted surprised that I was asking how much each one was.  I told her I liked many different kinds and had not yet narrowed down a style, and she said "You can't do it that way." 
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    A similar thing happened to me at European Bridal as well.  She was so rude to me when I said I wanted to stay under $1000, then when I found a Pronovias dress I really liked but was priced at $1200, my grandmother asked if we could negotiate the price.  She said and I quote, "All of the dresses in the store are on sale except for that one."  I felt very awkard and pressured to buy from her, so we walked across the street to Bridal and Formal. 

    Got the same exact dress for $800.
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