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Hard time accepting generosity....

I am having a hard time accepting generosity and hope that my friends are not going above and beyond what they can afford. I know some of that is none of my bizness, I know that they love me and want me to have a great time, I know that when the tables were reveresed I did it all, but I was also 25 when I could pick up on a whim and go. Most of my friends are mothers now and have mortgages - I guess that serves me right for getting married last, lol j/k. The thing is, my Maid of Honor and close friend are planning tha bachorette party, I have a MOH and a Matron of honor no other girls. My goal from the start was to make the wedding process simple. Originally the girls were trying to get me tickets to the Country Music Festival in Tennesee in June but it's not something that can be planned in 4 months (year advance atleast). Aware that this was gonna cost money I figured its better off, how many girls wanna spend a weekend listening to music they may not like. Now the suggestion of Vegas has been put on the table.  As much as I LOVE VEGAS I feel really bad that not everyone can come and that leaves alot of financial pressure on the rest. I am the easiest person to please b/c everything is my favorite. As much as they are ready and willing I feel like it's so much..... I am super grateful I just worry about the financial aspect of it all, even for myself. Am I being ridiculous?

Re: Hard time accepting generosity....

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    PP said it all. Vegas can get pretty expensive. If they're willing to spend that kind of money use it on something that will be sure to relax you and everyone else like a spa vacation.
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  • Thanks ladies, the advice is much appreciated!
  • Vegas does sound fun. Usually bachelorette parties are 'pay your own way' and then they split the cost of the brides 'way' lol. They can be the planners/hosts, but maybe have them invite a couple more of your close girlfriends so everyones costs go down, plus its more fun with a group. Get your nails done together BEFORE you leave, save over 75. Pick a cheaper hotel, plan to share a couple rooms, save even more! Choose one show or tour, and then go see all the free exhibits. Find fun but cheap places to eat, then you just need for drinks and covers. BAM! I'm a Vegas bride lol!
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