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Hey everyone! Here's a little of my story. :)

I got pregnant in October (planned btw) and engaged right before Christmas. I wanted to get married on our anniversary and March 2013 is just too close (for me) to plan a wedding while pregnant. Haha
I would love to have my ceremony back home in Oklahoma but we may end up having it in the Houston/Galveston area since we live right inbetween the two.
I'm super excited to start planning but have no CLUE where to start.

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Re: My Intro

  • Congrats! Take a breath, think about what's important and start from there if its the area find a venue, if its a dress work on that! Congratulations again (on both the baby and the wedding). :)
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  • Hmm. I guess I'd start with a budget.  Especially given your situation, what your money needs to do now is really multi-task.  Try to think as you go along on what you can do for your wedding that can also help out in terms of the baby. 

    CONGRATULATIONS on both! WOW to you for taking it on!

    For example, if there was any decor you bought for the wedding that could also decorate the baby's room?  I am thinking just off the top of my head if you used a bunch of battery operated candles on timers, these could also be lovely as nursey decor?  And registering for other baby things you need...having a combo baby/bridal shower.  Most people will find it hard to do showers for both at the same time and really afford meaningful items, so if they know they're just doing one, maybe they'll be able to get a really great baby thing.  Again, don't know your situation, just projecting my own family on this.

    I am also thinking you might want to consider a wedding dress you can also wear for nights on the town with an empire waist, since you need to find one to fit over a bump.  An actual maturity gown is fine but then it won't look ok afterwards- I think? 
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