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October 2011 Weddings

What is everyone doing??!!??

The board is becoming really slow!!!  Where is everyone?  What am I missing here?

So tell me ladies, What's going on?  What have you recently did WR or Non-WR that you want to share with us? 

Happy Friday everyone!!! 

Re: What is everyone doing??!!??

  • We got a response from the Pastor of the church we're interested in confirming that he'll do the ceremony!  <3
    I was nervous cuz its a second marriage for both of us that he wouldn't do it, but he will and seems genuinely happy to help us <3

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  • I've been busy with my new job.  I've been more of a creeper lately-- Stalking the boards but not posting. 

    I honestly have not thought about anything having to do with the wedding lately.  I'm boring.  It's all work lately.  Although, I am going to a wedding next weekend, so I will be sure to report back!
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  • WR:  I got a bunch of things for the wedding which I posted a bit ago.  The newest addition is just a 3-tiered stand for fruit.  I figured "fruit kabobs" would be messy to eat and difficult to make/keep cold so instead I'm just going to set out some apples, oranges, etc.  It's easier, less messy, and definitely cheaper!  Other than that, not too much else.  I've been keeping a lookout for when the church starts adult initiation which the FI has to take...that should begin sometime in August apparently. 

    NWR:  Eh.  Haha.  That's my life. "Eh."  Father's day is coming up and I've got a father who doesn't like ANYTHING.  My son and I have the FI covered though so that's good.  It turns out he has to do the police academy on Sunday now instead of tomorrow, so he won't really be around for Father's Day but he will get to go to our son's baseball game tomorrow.  Not much else.  I went to the zoo the other day with my son, his best friend, and her mom...it was fun. 

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  • I've been busy with school, visiting my family who came into town this week, and I purchased DIY invitation kits! Now, I'm looking up ideas to make them more personal. I just couln't pass of the clearance deal I got for them. 200 invites for $70. (.35 cents each!!). That includes the responds cards and inner and outer envelopes. They're gorgeous and have a vellum over lay!!! Embellishments will bring up the cost a little but they're still absolutely amazing quality especially for such an unbelievable steal.
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