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October 2011 Weddings

PIP Another thing checked off

I thought it would have been a pain in the a** to buy FI his wedding band, because he always says I don't care just get whatever. Well we went to the jewelers and seen two we liked. He tried both on and I asked him which one he liked the most and he chose one. I about died and was excited that I didn't have to chose for him. It's a tungsten, because he works with his hands and it doesn't scratch or dent easily. Here is the pic of it. Just something plain for him.

Re: PIP Another thing checked off

  • Nice!!! That's probably what we'll get for my fiancee too! We haven't even started looking at rings for him though. :-)
  • FI is getting one very similiar, his just has a celtic design on it ! :) Yay for another check!
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  • the FI picked that one out too =)

  • Ohh FYI on these wedding bands. I don't know if they have them in your area but if you attend a Bosco wedding show, they give out free wedding bands that are tungsten. You get to pick which ones you want.

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  • Sweetness!!! We need to start looking at rings soon...especially since I might need a new engagement ring -hangs head in shame-
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  • I was worried about the expense of wedding bands but yesterday my fiance's grandpop was kind enough to give us he and his wife's wedding bands. I am completely humbled and honored. His wife passed away years ago and was the love of his life. These wedding bands have their initials and wedding date engraved on the inside of them and my fiance and I plan on getting our initials and wedding date engraved into them as well. We are so happy to have them. I am a sucker for the history and sentimentality behind things! :)
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  • Nice! J told me he wants a tungsten one, too. FYI They are MUCH cheaper online.
  • your lucky that your guy doesn't really care. Mine is very picky and he wants to have matching (as in identical) bands. Thats okay with me because I don't really like big flashy "girly" jewellery, but his taste and mine are very different.... and he's allergic to sterling silver which of course is the cheapest and since we're on a very tight budget, its difficult.
  • I agree with LoveKiss. They are MUCH cheaper online.

    FI picked out a ring very similar to that (actually that might be it). The jewelry store wants 330 for it. I've found it online for 55.

    The only difference is the warranty. No warranty if you buy online, but the jewelry store has one. However, with tungsten rings, they can never be resized becasue the metal is so hard. So if anything were to ever happen to it, or it would need to be resized, we would have to get a new one. That would be free in the jewelry store, but buying online, we would have to pay for a new one.

    We could buy 6 of them online before reaching the jewelry store price, and I don't see him going through 6 different ones.
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  • Thanks girls. I seen that you can get it online for cheaper I have looked at overstock.com and they have some cheap. I completely forgot about it til we got home and I was like shoot I should have got it off the Internet. Though what we paid for the ring was only about double the price it is on the Internet. So I guess I didn't do too bad. I thought about getting it engraved, but still undecided about it.

  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_october-2011-weddings_pip-another-thing-checked-off?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:650Discussion:8448d30b-84dd-46a8-8847-594575b9e3ccPost:2bfdd927-a8ee-4ae2-9cc9-8d6619b67101">Re: PIP Another thing checked off</a>:
    [QUOTE]Sweetness!!! We need to start looking at rings soon...especially since I might need a new engagement ring -hangs head in shame-
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  • We went and got his. I told him he could have whatever he wanted. I knew that if I picked out his ring he would never wear it! He got a tungsten one too. I think they are very modern looking.
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