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Has anyone ever been to a wedding or any function there?  If so what did you think of it.  Thanks.

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    I just booked my June 2011 wedding at the Inn at Penn.  I have never been to a function there, but I have stayed as a guest of the hotel several times and have loved the service.  Michelle has been awesome to work with.  Nick (who can help you block off rooms for your guests) if a breeze too!   (You can book multiple days at this rate) 

    Michelle will set you up with a complementary dinner for you and FI *before* you sign the contract if you are concerned about the food.  I have had brunches and other meals their and chose not to do this. 

    BTW, the bridal suite is beautiful!  and I can book it the night before for me and my girls (FI and I live together) at the guest rate (June 2011 is $159/night) instead of the $1500 that suite would normally cost.  They give you use of the library and other rooms before hand for set up and pictures.  They can help you arrange a Philly style after party (most of my guests will be OOT - and this was important to me) - They will hand out OOT bags at check in for free (charge to place them in the room)

    And if you saw the prices - they include tax and are comparable to many out of city locations!  I don't know if this applies to you (obviously) but as a current Drexel student/Drexel alum, they are giving me 10% off the more expensive package - so I am paying for the lower package, but getting the higher one.  I don't know if this is a drexel thing or a local college thing or if it could help you too!


    Edit - I know this may not be a giant issue for you because of your fall date - but many places had a $20,000 minimum (food/bev) in June.  The Inn let us set our own mimimum based on our guest list.  Michelle also calculated the price per person as an average of our two entrees, regardless of how many of each get ordered (the original price list says you pay higher price).
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    I've only been there for work functions, but everything was great.  The food, the appearance and cleanliness of rooms, and the staff service were all well done!
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    Hilary, did u organize the events or did u just attend?  If you organized them, who handled the meetings for you?
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