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Florist Advice - a little long, sorry

Ok ladies, I know that normal people would go to their local board for this type of thing but mine is a little non-active at the moment and I know that you will be super helpful, so I figured I'd come to you. :-)

I've narrowed my search down to two shops.  They are both central to my reception and ceremony location.  One came in right at budget (before taxes), $1500.  The other is slightly over budget at $1755.  I had a really good time chatting with the second florist and he also offers up-lighting in the colors that would go with our Fall Theme.  (The DJ does too but he's over $1000 for the up-lighting)  The second shop also has an amazing reputation with my venue and my coordinator (provided by venue) gave him a glowing recommendation.
The first shop, the one on budget, was nice.  She wasn't overly friendly, very business as usual.  She was the first (and only) shop to actually ask me what my budget was and do her best to stick with it.  I loved that about here, however, I have a feeling that she chopped some of the ideas I had because she wanted to stay with my budget.  Whereas the 2nd shop never asked, took all of my ideas and ran with them, and came out just $255 over budget.

Given all this information which one would you choose?  Is the good rapport worth $255 more or should I stick to the tight budget rule and go with the one who will stay within it?  I'm so confused and my FI will be absolutely NO help on this since he never met with either of them lol. 

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Re: Florist Advice - a little long, sorry

  • URI - The first is Studio 539 which was recommended by the moderator on the local board and the 2nd is Golden Gate which was recommended to me by Kerri over at Sweet Indulgence.  Jay (Golden Gate) is the florist of choice for Kirkbrae and he offers the up-lighting that we wanted at a fairly reasonable price.  My DOC at Kirkbrae said that 539 had been to Kirkbrae before but she'd never worked with them.  539 also said when she sent the quote over that the prices were the bare minimum that she could do so I get the feeling that she cut a lot out to make it fit within my budget which makes me slightly uncomfortable.
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  • I was there for three semesters 99-00, I transfered to Phildelphia for Springl '01 I was a Pharmacy major then, I ended up leaving USIP too. I ended up a Marketing major after moving home after Philly got too expensive to stay.
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  • sarah - we aren't using either but I have heard of both. jay gets a lot of recommendations on our local board and I honestly hadnt even heard of him before reading about him on the board. studio 539 i do know because I used to get my hair done on wickenden where the shop is. *side note-  LOVE kerri at sweet indulgence. we are using her too* OK - back to flowers....539 may have cut a lot out. if she is saying thats the bare minimum. she may not want to do some of things you want. there are ways to get your vision with less expensive flowers or a more creative way. maybe she just doesnt want to do it. i would go with jay. i think the 255 will be worth it in the end. and you are getting uplighting with him. not sure if you were looking into that anyways, but you might have paid 255 for that alone. I havent looked into it so I dont really know the prices. go with Jay if she makes you feel uncomfortable from the get go like this - it may bug you if you dont. i could always recommend my florist too if you want haha :)
  • meagan - oh yeah i was there 2002-2006. small world!
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