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Tired of the same old venues!!

Hello!! We're just starting the real planning of our wedding day! : D 

We want a small, simple, and beautiful wedding (with as much DIY as possible) somewhere near Central Jersey (where I grew up, and where we met in college) on October 6, 2012. We're trying to decide on the location, but here is the issue...I have been to a ton of weddings in restaurants, hotels, and banquet halls, and though they were all beautiful, they all sort of get mixed up in my memory because the venues are so similar. 

My FI and I want something different. We don't want an impersonal banquet hall where tons, and tons of people have their weddings. Does anyone know of any unique wedding locations in the area? We're not completely sure of our budget, but we know it will be pretty modest. Thanks!! : )

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    We did ours at The Grand Summit Hotel. Its a year later and they are giving us a free stay to celebrate our anniversary. We loved our wedding there and when we have kids we can go back and show them and eat. Its defintely a unique setting. Another nice or different place was the Madison Hotel in the conservatory. Just be sure to negotiate because when we left there he dropped the price by $15 pp by phone! I just watched that tv show Four Weddings and a girl from NJ did a winery in New Egypt that was unique. I just would hate to truck in everything like chairs and food, but maybe you woudnt mind.  The Bernards Inn is different and small. GL!
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    Look into Orange Lawn Tennis Club in South Orange. It's a beautiful venue, but its decor isn't overpowering, so it would be a great showpiece for your DIY.

    We hung paper lanterns in the ballroom and had family photos displayed on the fireplace mantels.
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    Ck out Morris museum
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    We felt the same way when we got engaged.  Check out the Cranbury Inn - we booked there, and are planning to do things a little differently so that we can have a much more intimate event.
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    Thanks everybody!! 
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    I hear you all too well.  We didn't want a "ballroom" feel at all.  While our venue isn't intimate we didn't stop until we found exactly what we wanted.  You WILL find what you want.  Congrats on the engagement and enjoy your planning.  This board and month board are extremely helpful.
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    If you're willing to check out North jersey at all, I would say look into Crossed Keys Inn.  It's a tented venue (a pretty blank canvas for decorating) but the area/surroundings are absolutely gorgeous and they seem to have a lot of DIY projects in the pictures they post up on their facebook page.  Not sure of the prices though.
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    Check out Neshanic Valley Golf Course. You can have it's all windows and gorgeous or you can get married outside under a tent. 
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    Also check out restaurants that have event rooms.  We didn't want the "wedding factory" feel either.  We're getting married at the Stony Hill Inn in Hackensack.  It's in North Jersey, so probably not right for you, but we immediately fell in love with the venue and liked that it wasn't a huge banquet hall.
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    Il Tulipano in Cedar Grove also has a nice intimate feel. You also have the entire place to yourself. Beautiful outdoors, wine cellar feel for cocktail hour.
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    [QUOTE]Check out Neshanic Valley Golf Course. You can have it's all windows and gorgeous or you can get married outside under a tent. 
    Posted by RKPugs[/QUOTE]

    <div>Second this, my wedding was there in June.  We didn't want a typical banquet hall and this fit the bill exactly :)</div>
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    In Central NJ look at the ships that sail out of Perth Amboy.  There are some lovely ones that can accomodate up to 600 people.  N.B.  the smaller boats are not as nice. 

    You can also look at the Art Museum at Rutgers or the catering hall at the Arts Center. 
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    You have to check out the waterwitch club in Monmouth Hill, NJ
    It is hidden on a hill over looking sandy hook. The website for the venue is old :

    but you can get a feel and contact info. The cateres--ultimate caterers have some more recent pics. They are not their only caterers you can bring anyone in.

    just so you know you have to rent your own tables and the fee for the venue is 5000. But there is nothing like it! When you get a great caterer they help you with the rentals and it isn't that pricey!
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