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Cultural Wedding. In need of IDEAS!!!! Hi Ladies,

I'm Costa Rican and FH is 1/2 Dominican and 1/2 Puerto Rican, we have decided to include our culture in the wedding. I was thinking that instead of table #s I can have post cards from different places in Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico & Costa Rica. I was also thinking that I can have a candy buffet table with sweets from those 3 countries. I don't know how else to incorporate more stuff. Oh & btw my theme is all over the place, is chic-lay-back-rustic-vintage-cultural theme.


I've attached some pics to get an idea

Re: Cultural Wedding. In need of IDEAS!!!! Hi Ladies,

  • no pics there.

    it's ok to include your cultures in your wedding but it's still your wedding, not a celebration for countries so keep it subtle and vary it. perhaps vary the menu with some items-for example-fried plantains from PR during cocktail hour and some other things form DR and CR. i've been to all 3 but am having trouble remembering anything special from DR or CR.
    i think the candy buffet table would be a great idea if the candy from the 3 countries is there.
    is tehre any way that you can also incorporate it into a dessert platter for each table during when the cake is served? like pastries from all 3 places?

    as for the post cards as table #s-meh-i find tables that donthave a corresponding # to be REALLY irritating becuse they're hard to find. you have to walk around and around looking for it. if you want to do the post cards consider doing a # on them as well like Table 1 Puerto Plata

    good luck and sounds fun!!


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