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April 2013 Weddings


Yay it's Friday!

WR: FMIL and I are ordering the invitations tonight *hopefully*.  We were supposed to order them last night but she "lost the book," which isn't surprising.  She and I have two very different personality types and I have to conjur up a lot of patience to deal with most of our interactions.  I'm Type A and very efficient and I get impatient easily and she is Type B and gets distracted and disorganized very easily.  However, she is paying for the invitations so *OOOMMMMMMMM*.  
Yesterday I got the rental houses reserved for the bridal party, which will cost the 1/3 of the price of a hotel for the weekend and cut out a 40 min trip every time they travel from the wedding venue to the hotel.  Waaaay easier and nicer!
I also got my dress back from alterations.  The lady sewed in the front modesty piece so I get to rip those stiches out between the ceremony and reception.  Joy!  It shouldn't be too hard.  She wasn't able to do what I originally wanted because of the way the modesty piece is designed(fragile) and she didn't want to ruin it.  I won't ruin it by cutting out the stitches she sewed, either, it'll just take a few extra minutes, which I have accounted for during cocktail hour.

NWR: I'm hoping my dad is discharged from the hospital today!  He had hernia surgery yesterday as an outpatient but his BP and white blood cell count was too low for him to go home afterwards so they kept him overnight.  He sounded like he was in pretty good spirits when I called him this morning and the nurse had just taken another blood sample off for labs.  I'm having my wedding florist deliver some flowers to my parents' house today so hopefully he will be there to get them :-)

I'm also hoping that FI gets two survey flights in today. He's got two survey lines to fly off of Cape Cod and another one in Nova Scotia.  Hopefully the winds aren't strong and the scientist can actually see any whales or seals or whatever they're looking for nowadays because if they do, he can be home for Thanksgiving and we can just do our own little thing without family :-)  It would be waaaay less stressful and we could get a bunch of stuff done for the wedding and Christmas presents!

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  • Sounds like you have a busy weekend but a lot of checks done!! Hope all is well with your dad!!

    WR: Hopefully get my invitations ordered this weekend despite FMIL outburst.

    NWR: Our dog just  had her first batch of puppies 2 days ago so I get to play with puppies and work all weekend.  oh but I have a dentist appt today(i hate the dentist) to start all my dental things I need to get done before the wedding but atleast by April I will have awesome pearly whites.

    Have a good weekend!!
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  • PUPPIES!!!!!  EEEEEEE!!!!!   What breed?

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  • I am so ready for the weekend. And not focusing today at work...oops :)

    WR: Ok, so this was yesterday, but I took a day off from work to go get my hair and makeup trial and to try on my dress since it came in and I wanted to see how shoes/accessories/etc worked. Everything was PERFECT :) I didn't cry when I saw my dress, but I gotta admit, all done up and accessorized, I did a little bit. It was just awesome. So I'm sure I'll be doing some emailing of pictures to VIPs so I can just be all happy and glowy about it all! Tomorrow, I'm going to drag FI to BBB and Macy's to finish our registries. People have started to ask us and we haven't decided on a bunch of stuff so I really just want that off of my plate so I can stop thinking about it. Also, we're hoping that our jewelry designer has come up with some stuff for us to see for my ring. I have to call today, but hopefully we can go check that out.

    NWR: We had some work done in our apartment and literally everything we own is in bags. I think we're going to try to get some of it, maybe at least our living room, put back in order so I don't feel so anxious and out of place in my own home. Also, I'm going to try to make a couple batches of cookies to bring to FMIL's for Thanksgiving. I have to bake a pie on Tuesday, so I'd like to get my other cooking done this weekend so I can have time to maybe pack after work on Monday. Oh, and watching the Broncos...FI will not be ok if we don't :)
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  • Update on my Dad: His white blood cell count is still low and they're supsecting internal bleeding so he's getting a CT this afternoon to try to determine that.  Ugh.  I guess I'm on standby to drive to NC this weekend if it gets worse :-/

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  • Christine9866Christine9866 member
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    Congrats VK!!!!! FI and I are starting to look for houses in January. I am soooo nervous about the process just because I don't know anything about buying a house! We are hoping to have a house by April!

    NWR: We have a busy weekend, yet again! I picked up a part time job for some extra cash. Right now its just seasonal and ends January 5, but it can lead to permanent sales (which I wouldn't mind to have until we get married) at The Limited (I get an awesome discount too!)and I start Saturday. I go in for orientation and will probably be there for a few hours and on Sunday I have a team meeting there. We have a good friends daughters 1st bday party on Sunday, and I am hanging out with a good friend tonight. I do want to see  the last Twilight and FI usually goes with me but will probably wait until it slows down a bit.

    WR: FI and I are going to start and finish registering. Hoping to go to crate and barrel Saturday afternoon (whatever time i leave orientation at the p/t job) and Macys on Sunday before the birthday party. My sisters are sending out the shower invites after Christmas (my shower is February 17!!!!),and with having this new part time job I am unsure of what my weekends will look like and if we will even have time with having to get our xmas shopping done too. I have been working on my diy projects after work and will probably continue to do that at some point over the weekend. I saw my makeup person this week to get my eyebrows done and we scheduled my bridal makeup trial. We are going to do it the day of my bachelorette party which is March 23 so I can take advantage of the makeup being done :) Last Saturday I went to Sugar bakery for a consultation for the surprise grooms cake I am getting for FI. (I don't know if any of you watch cupcake wars on the food network. They are from East Haven, CT and won their episode they were on.  So that was booked, and I just have to email her with some other ideas I want to add to his cake.  
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  • Hope your father is ok Ich!

    And The Limited, Christine? Nice!! I wouldn't mind a discount there...

    As for me- this weekend, I'm planning to go to a Mandarin Festival tomorrow, if the rain holds off. It mainly just has booths and crafts of fun stuff, and food. Then my FI and I are doing a double date with 2 friends of mine, probably dinner and then playing some games.

    Sunday- probably church, and cleaning, errands... I wouldn't mind picking out our wedding bands, but we'll see if that gets accomplished!
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  • In Response to Re: TGIF:
    [QUOTE]PUPPIES!!!!!  EEEEEEE!!!!!   What breed?
    Posted by lch0708[/QUOTE]

    The mom is 1/2 black lab 1/4 pointer and 1/4 weimerainer (sp?) and the father is unknown...so they are mutts but they are super cute!!
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  • Oh man...too cute.  My little girl is 1/2 yellow lab and 1/2 golden retriever...I love her to pieces!  Did you know they have doggie DNA testing nowadays so you can figure out exactly what percentage each breed represents in your mix?  Pretty frivolous and cool :-)

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  • Thanks Christine! This is our first home and we were nervous too! Surprisingly, it was a very smooth process for us - mostly because the sellers were awesome. I am not sure how the market is where you are at, but it is getting better here in MI. Our house was listed on a Monday, we saw it Wednesday and put a bid on it that night. By Friday there were 5 other offers. We were the first to make an offer so the selling agent reached out to us first, getting a feel for us and what not. And honestly, I believe if we had slept on it before making a decision it would not have worked out.

    Also, our mortgage guy was awesome, so that helped too. I asked a lot of (probably stupid) questions lol. My advice for you is to know what you want to spend before you start looking. We were approved for a ridiculous amount of money, we didn't know until later because we told our guy that we only wanted to spend $xxx per month and he gave us a price range to look at. So that was really helpful. You will find a house you love so don't be nervous!!!
  • Ich - I'm so sorry. I hope your dad starts improving soon. I'll send good thoughts his way.

    vk - Sure! I just have to actually get them off my camera! I'll try to do an AW post this weekend though  :)
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  • Thanks for the well wishes, ladies!  He just left for the CT.  I really hope it's negative and they just give him a blood transfusion to get his cell count up.  My mom is a universal blood donor, O negative, so she can give him some of her blood if necessary.

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  • So there was some internal bleeding.  They're going to keep him in the hospital a couple more days just to monitor it and make sure it's stopped.  Poor dad...I'm sure he's going to be going insane from boredom!

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  • I'm sorry Ich...I always hate when parents are in teh hospital (or grandparents, or anyone) Sending prayers your way!
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  • WR - we're going to try on tuxes and arrange for John's tux.

    NWR - My best friend (MOH as well) is going through some stuff in her personal life. She's also the owner and manager of the boarding barn where my horses live, I told her I'd come over tomorrow and help her out. After that we're going to the auto show in Charlotte. Sunday mom and I are going to repair my winter coat. I have to work a lot this weekend, too.
  • Christine, I picked up a p/t seasonal job at Bath and Body works, which is owned by the Limited so I have the same awesome discount and also have a meeting Sunday! Too funny. This weekend, tonight we put up our Christmas tree.. Don't judge, I LOOOOVE Christmas and its the first year in our new home so I'm beyond excited. Tomorrow FI is going to help clean houses devastated by Hurricane Sandy.. Ugh, love that man. And Sunday were relaxing til I have my work meeting. As for wedding related stuff, NOTHING this weekend!!
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  • allychase! Awesome :) i have orientation today at 1pm so we will see how it goes!
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