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I saw your post earlier about Beach Bum Vacations, and I contacted Robert this week to start figuring out our honeymoon!  I checked out your bio looking for a review of your feelings about your resort, but didn't see one--I may have missed it though! If you have a free minute, I'd love to hear about the resort--it looks amazing, but we are on a budget so aren't sure if we will be able to make it work!

Re: *Chrissy*

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    We LOVED our resort.  We are actually going back to the same one this year.

    The photos on their website are a true respresentation of what you get.  We loved it that none of the buildings are above 3 stories, so you don't feel like you are at some huge resort.

    Everything is a suite.  They treat you like gold: example: my camera batteries died in my luggage.  They didn't have any AAs at the resort, so they called someone coming onto shift later in the day and she picked them up for us.  No extra charge, even showed me the receipt, we did tip her though.

    The food was amazing too.  There are 6-7 restaurants plus a beach BBQ everyday from like 11-2 pm and top shelf liquor.

    The staff was great.  The bartenders and activities staff remembers your name and everyone says hi to you.  They really seemed like they enjoyed working there.

    If it's in your budget I highly reccomend it.  If not, I'm sure Robert will find you something great within your budget.
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    It's called the Azul Sensatori if I didn't already say that.  It's part of the Karisma Resorts.
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    ndirish- we are also using Robert, we're staying at a Sandals resort in Jamaica, so if you're leaning more that way and want some advice let me know!
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