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my dress

As yall know, my dress is pretty simple. I spoke with a seamstress and told her i need a bustle, hem and MAYBE have the dress taken in. She told me this could all be done in two weeks. When should i take the dress in? I am starting a new medication tomorrow and may be changing again to another one mid january. Both of these meds could cause me to drop weight quickly so i dont want to take it in too early. Would i be crazy to wait until march to take the dress in for alterations?

Re: my dress

  • I think if u allow 6weeks for alterations... you should be fine.. and by then you would've lost enough weight..if you lose it from the meds.. u know.. Hope you're alright.. since ur having to take meds.
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  • oh yeah im fine, nothing serious or life threatening. just a little somethin to make me feel better, with a side effect of weight loss, so ill take that! :-)
  • I gotcha....yeah.. that is one of those side effects... I do think waiting a lil bit before doing your first fitting will help.. but I would already schedule it.. u know
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  • im going to take the dress in to show the lady next month so i can get a definite timeline
  • That's a good idea
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