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Do these colors go together?

Hi ladies. Im having a vintage wedding at a barn. The ceremony is outside and the reception will take place in the barn. Im having a hard time deciding colors. First, i was just going to use all the colors we like, but we really need to just pick a few so everything will look more smooth.
The main colors im concerned about are: The bridesmaids dresses, grooms shirt/tie, chair sashes, napkins and cake color.
The colors im considering are Daisy yellow, Fuschia, Orchid/purple, charcoal gray, turquoise, aquamarine, coral and butterscoth (light brown).
I want the colors that i choose to reflect the theme of vintage, but i still want them to express our personalities. I love yellow and my FI loves the blue aquamarine and turquoise but the colors dont seem to be vintage-y. I love bright colors so whats a good way to incorporate them with a vintage theme and how can everything match too. The wedding is next May so bright colors would also look nice. Any suggestions? Thanks
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Re: Do these colors go together?

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    I'm no expert, but based on what I've seen where people are going for the same effect, I would say use softer, muted versions of the colors you like. Also I think part of the vintage effect is less in exactly what colors you choose than how you use them. Consider having your neutral colors be used more as "main" colors and use the others as accents. Where you can- any whites that you have use a more eggshell/beige tone than bright white.  For example, one idea I've seen that I liked for groomsmen was they used one of the neutral tones (like your butterscotch color) for their pants, off white shirts, and then each had a skinny ties and suspenders in a different pastel color (you could use as many different colors as you have groomsmen and incorporate all the colors you like) It produces a nice effect that is colorful without screaming rainbow-definitely a vintage vibe.  Also, a friends wedding had the same kind of look.  She had each of her bridesmaids all find lacey vintage off-white dresses (some of them were actual wedding dresses) but they were all shorter and more casual looking than hers.  Then they used ribbons in her colors to braid into little belts/sashes for each girl to wear, and also around each of their flowers. 
  • Also, the more natural (in terms of leaning towards neutral tones) the colors you use, the more vintage your look will be. Like use a palish coral over fuschia for example.  
  • Yea I wouldn't do anything bright. I think softer pinks, yellows, & greens & white/ivory would be your best bet. 
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  • I agree with PP about using the softer colors (a soft coral, gentle aquamarine, charcoal or butterscotch) for the "big" things -- dresses, chair sashes, pants, etc.  If you want to use the brighter shades, use them as accents, primarily flowers, but maybe candles or ribbon/raffia.  You could fill mason jars, vintage milk glass or an eclectic mix of vases with gerbera daisies in the brights (yellow, fuschia/orchid, turquoise) as centerpieces, for example, tie groupings of ivory/butterscotch pillar candles together with bright raffia, or use colorful napkin rings with more muted napkins.  A white or ivory cake could have silk, real or fondant/sugarpaste flowers in the accent colors, and/or decorate the cake table using glass holders with brightly-colored votive candles in them.

    The touches of richer color could be really nice in the barn, to brighten it up, as long as they don't become overpowering.  Have fun!
  • Thanks everyone. My bridesmaids agree. Still havent decided on colors yet, but some soft toucheswith a little brightness would work out great :D
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