I got an email from my reception coordinator yesterday saying that FI and I were in the new copy of Bride and Groom magazine!! I completely forgot that I had put that in.  So when I looked at the page I saw your pic in it too!!! So exciting!! We actually live in Oxford and I grew up in Auburn!! We are kinda neighbors!! 
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***TTCAL besties with Becky515-What doesn't kill us makes us stronger <3*** Congrats to my bestie Becky on her BFP- this is it!!</font>
BFP#1 6/28/11- EDD 3/17/12 missed m/c 8/31/11 (12 wks- baby measuring 10 wks no hb)- D&C 9/2/11- mommy and daddy love you!
BFP#2 1/7/12 ectopic discovered 1/19/12- methotrexate treatment- we love you!
BFP #3 6/20/12 beta #1 202 beta#2 175 beta#3 47 ? CP - We love you
New plan- IVF Oct 12'
ER 10/8/12- 11R 10M 10F
10/13/12 - 1 beautiful embryo transferred
beta #1 10/23/12 - 166
beta #2 10/25/12 - 444
beta #3 11/1/12 - 4500
ultrasound 11/8/12- baby with a beautiful HB of 118

second ultrasound 11/18/12- baby growing big with a HB of 147
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