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New York-Western

Friday Confessions!!

Spill it ladies :)

My confessions:

NWR:  I'm leaving for a long weekend this afternoon to go to Disney World and I couldn't be more excited.  Even though I go often.  I'm an addict :)

WR:  I still haven't booked my hair place.  I don't know why.  I know I should, but it's just this block I have!
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Re: Friday Confessions!!

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    NWR: @kat this is the first year I'm not going to disney - been going every year for the the last 5, but we just bought a house. The commercials of the kids being surprised with a trip to disney literally make me cry. No chance of going on honeymoon because FI wants a beach. Have fun and I would love to live vicariously through you.. where are you staying/playing?!

    WR: My venue's wedding coordinator probably thinks I'm a total flake. She sent me contracts in early April and I just sent them back today.. totally not like me! Truth is I packed them up and just discovered them :/

    NWR: I'm not doing any work today and I'm not even trying to hide it. It's too quiet and everyone took the day off.

    WR: Just got my personalized cocktail napkins and coasters from the Knot Shop in the mail this week, but I need to designate a 'wedding stuff area' in the house ASAP otherwise the entire house will be a new version of the Knot Shop! Another thing to add to the to-do list! :o
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    NWR: I have never been more excited to have 3 days off!!

    WR: I am slacking on calling florists....I am excited to go look at flowers, I just can't motivate myself.
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    NWR: I'm seriously sensitive this week and have cried over stupid stuff almost every day. ((I'm guessing it's just about "that time") ugh. Of course, my birthday would be tomorrow and I'm a miserable human being.

    WR: I've lost motivation to work on the details. I'm secretly freaking out about my FI and I's future (no jobs, no place to live in 4 weeks...ahh) and that's overtaken the wedding planning. I need to get my butt in gear!
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    First off, happy early birthday, shan! :)  I hope you feel better soon.

    NWR:  I really want to buy a house but we don't have any savings because we can't save money...still even if we did have money, do we really want to invest in the expenses of owning in NYS.  Literally the ONLY reason we want a house here is so my FI's parents will be close by if we have a baby (my baby alarm is going off like you wouldn't believe lol)

    WR:  I need to get our invitations out in the next few weeks to a month, and I cannot motivate myself to finish putting them together/ going to the post office to figure out how much this will cost.  Plus I've gotta add a bunch of stuff to our "website" which is practically non-existant haha.

    WR:  I desperately want to get my wedding band but if we got it now I'd have to charge it and I'm not sure I wanna do that.  It's the perfect ring (from Reeds Jens), and I'm nervous we won't be able to get it somehow.  I'm just hoping we are capable of putting aside at minimum $800 before all the bills are due from the venders (on top of what our parents are paying).
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