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March 2010 Weddings


Is anyone using the online RSVP feature from The Knot?
Our invitations just went out tonight and I am having all types of problems with the RSVP on my Knot website.  Has anyone encountered this problem? Anyone know who can help?
Problem- its not finding some guests when they type in their name.. example number one... my parents... if I type in my fathers name is does not find them... but if i type in my mothers name it does find it... however the instructions tell you to type in the name on your invitations... which is my dads... im really annoyed..
Please help----Im freaking out!



  • Sorry, I went the traditional route so there's nothing online for us.
  • I went the traditional route too, but have on online feature on our website (it's not the knot though) in case anyone really wants to.  I had to list each guest on the invitation separately or it would only recognize the person who had the party name.

    So I would either add ALL the rest of your guests or make sure that the party names match what the invitations said.
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  • I am using the tool online and I just emailed customer service about a problem with my RSVP online feature. When my guests type in their names the search says they are not found and asks for a manual entry when I have a completed guest list linked to them. I haven't heard back from them yet but if you figure out whats wrong with it please let us know because my invitations are going out today and I only provided the options to RSVP online and by phone.
  • Im using the Knot website and online RSVP option.  When I added the guests to the guest list, I went into each individual record and made sure there were names in there (use both first and last to ensure the search box will find it) and checked that each individual was invited to the wedding.  So FILs has a party of 6.  I listed his dad, mom, little sisters and brother and checked each of them as invited to the wedding.  That seems to be working ok for me.  HTH :)
  • Well just to update everyone..
    Its kind of a mess. 
    We have everything entered into the computer with correct spelling of course matching the name sent of the invitation.  Unfortunately with no rhyme of reason the RSVP function simply does not recognize some names.  For example my fathers name...  however if you type in my mothers... it brings them both up.  This obviously make no sense. 
    Luckily The RSVP function does allow all guests to simply type in their name, email, and a reply whether they will or will not attend even if the system does mess up and isnt able to find their name.. Then you get an email telling you that the system could not find the persons name and to please add the guest to your list...  (as if they arent already there--- you can tell im very frustrated) 
    And I also emailed the person the knot told me to about this situation and all we got was a response telling us to spell this correctly (come on not im not a moron) and that this is a new feature and they are still working out the kinks... WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE TO KNOW BEFORE CHOOSING TO USE THE FEATURE!  :) 
  • So here's an update: I never received a helpful response from the knot's online customer service. But I checked my guest list again today and it didn't work but when I was prompted to "upgrade" to the new guest list manager I decided to export my current list and upgrade. After doing that my guest list info migrated and the RSVP feature now works again. Hope this helps!
  • Is there a way to have guests only place in their name and response and not their email?
  • I'm having an issue with guests having the same name (ex:jr and sr, and two girls with same first and last) it only pulls up one of the people, no picking between the two. Yuck, help?
  • I just switched mine to Wedding Wire. They let you change the names once they're in the system and they pull up both guests with the same name (I had the same problem as kristenkwilbanks). Unfortunately they don't have a Plus One option either, but at least I can find my guests names. I'm really bummed it doesn't work on The Knot, but what can you do.
  • I am having trouble with the RSVP feature and I am going to print my invitations this evening and need to get it figured out.  I can't seem to get in touch with anyone either.  I have sent an e-mail to 2 different places and called all numbers I can find. 

    I used my moms name to test the RSVP and it worked but it is not working when my MOH does it. 

    Any suggestions on how to get in touch with someone at The Knot???
  • If you have not figured out how to manually enter rsvp's.  You will go to Guest List, View List, Responses, Click Guest Name, you should be prompted to change accepted/declined, then hit save.  if you are not prompted you may have to hit edit then you chould be able to change it.
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  • what customer service email did you use? What worked???
    I'm having the same problem except that people are rsvp-ing but I am not receiving anything!
  • It sucks. that's all there is to it. If you send and invitation to David & Sharon Jones, the only choice they will have to is to enter David & Sharon Jones. NOT "and" it will have to be "&" and not just David, or just Sharon, it will have to be both names in the first name field.

    Who thought of that- aren't you adressing invitations to David and Sharon Jones? I know I am. And how about an invitation to "The Smith Family" no first name field for them to enter.But of course you are sending invitations in that format to families with young children. This tool is pretty useless. I'm thinking of just telling people to use the guestbook to say- "Hey- Sharon and I will be there."

    If you could do this by last name only, it would solve a lot of problems. Smith could pull up his or her last name, and enter everyone in his or her party.
  • I am experiencing the same issue as Sarahplussteve.  RSVPs are coming through, but no notifications.  If someone signs our Guestbook, however, I receive an email.  Therefore, I don't think it's a matter of The Knot not having my email. . .  What's going on here?
  • I'm having a similar problem. I already sent out my invitations with only theknot.com rsvp website and a phone number for my guests to RSVP. After doing a trial run with my parents names (it worked) we sent the invitations out. I have now heard from multiple people that they RSVP'd but I never recieved a notification e-mail from theknot AND it is not even showing up on my guest list that they RSVP'd even though they swear that they have. Under their names it still says "no response" when I look at my guest list.

    This is very concerning since my invitations were sent out weeks ago and i am assuming many more people have RSVP'd via this online tool and I apparently have no way of knowing it.

    Please let me know if anyone has found a phone number they can call or an online chat room to talk to someone from theknot. Even an e-mail address would do. HELP!
  • People are having trouble getting onto my website and I have used it as my mainstay means of information- reception details/directions, registry link, RSVP. I thought it would be convenient! They get to it from Internet Explorer but not from Mozilla Firefox. A person just tried to access it on an ipad and no luck there either. Why is this happening?
    Please help.
    [email protected]
  • i have 2 websites with the host and 1 often has problems. this time, the welcome page won't load although all is fine in the edit page. i only added text and saved and now it won't load. what is happening and how can i get help to fix this asap! i have already sent out invites to the guests inviting them to this website :(
  • I would really like to know how to have guests RSVP without putting in their email addresses... I have children listed that I do not want emails for, as well as plus ones for some of my guests. How do I get rid of this??
  • We're sending an open invitation to my church. It's already in the bulletin and newsletter that they should RSVP online. However when I try to RSVP as someone who is not on the invitation list it doesn't put that information into the database, it only sends me an email. Do I have to enter all their RSVPs in manually? I thought that's why I was switching to automated. This really seems more trouble than it's worth. Is there any way I can get it to add the un-listed guests in to the RSVP list?
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