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What would you do?

Hi ladies,

So I have a kind of different story.  My fiance and I have been engaged since Nov 08, and our wedding is 5/29/10.

A big reason for this is that at the time, my 1 and only sister was in China when we got engaged and we knew she wouldn't be home until this Sept. Knowing she was going to be my MOH, I wanted her to have the opportunity to be as involved in the planning as possible (she's 28 and has never been in a wedding).

So, my sister is home but she lives in Chicago and we live in Phoenix. She is planning a bridal shower for me there.  My best friend here and another bridesmaid have now both asked me to "choose" I want them to throw us a couples shower or an engagement party here in Phoenix?

I feel really uncomfortable telling them what to do...I just wish they'd say, hey we're doing _______ for you and I'd be happy with whatever. But they keep leaving it up to me.

I personally feel like engagement parties typically happen when you get engaged, and seeing as we've been engaged for over a year wouldn't some people think it's silly?  But then I feel like it's greedy to ask for a shower when my sister is having one in Chicago...

Sorry this is so long! What would you do?


Re: What would you do?

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    I think a couples shower for your friends in Phoenix is a great idea .  Just be careful that everyone invited to it is also invited to the wedding.  If none of your Phoenix friends are invited to the wedding, it's probably best to decline the parties and just have a get together when you get back from your honeymoon to celebrate with your Phoenix friends.
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    Do the couples shower. You are right, having an engagement party now might be weird that you are so close to your wedding date:)
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