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"In the Mix" Dj review

Has anybody booked "in the mix"(Meniola) before???

Re: "In the Mix" Dj review

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    My friend had them for her wedding in Nov. Don't know if you booked them or not but they weren't great. They had no new music and totally messed up on the introductions. I wasn't impressed.
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    We haven't booked them yet.
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    We booked them last summer for our 10.10.10 wedding at the Swan Club.  They are one of their preferred vendors.

    I'm not too worried.  As for the old music problem, the couple is suppose to supply them (on their website) with a must play list, suggested play list, and I think they also have a do not play list. 
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    Yes, I also booked them for our 8/7/10 wedding at the Swan Club.  The gentleman that we met with was very nice and I've only heard good things about them from the ladies at the Swan Club.  They apparently do some sort of event at SC every single weekend, if not more than one.  So, they're very familiar with the logistics of how this catering hall runs things.  I think it's important that you choose a DJ that is recommended by your caterer/reception site so that you have that piece of mind.  And yes, Anissa is right, they do have a "must play list", a "do not play list" and they ensure to go over with you the announcements before the wedding day.  They will go over the phonetic sounds of everyone's names to ensure they don't mess it up.  Their website is really great and they offer a lot of suggested music too.
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    My brother used them for his wedding and I booked them for mine.  We are having Dave as our DJ and from the minute we met him we clicked.  I agree that their website is great because you can select all the musice you want/don't want on their.  They were reasonably priced too  :)  Definitely check it out for yourself and see what you think.
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