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Churches or Chapels for Rent - non-religious ceremony?

I'm just starting the planning process.  Does anyone know of any churches or chapels for rent in Rhode Island for a small ceremony?  The reception will be held in a different location.  Looking for inexpensive (under $1000) and user friendly - bathrooms, airconditioner.  Thanks!!

Re: Churches or Chapels for Rent - non-religious ceremony?

  • I also don't understand why you want a church for a non-religious ceremony--you may have trouble finding one that will allow that, and often they can be more expensive or impose additional requirements.  You don't have to get married in a church--look into state parks, museums, or even your reception site.  We had a religious ceremony outside at the inn where our reception was.  

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  • DItto PP. They whole point of having a wedding in a church is for a religious ceremony.  No one is going to rent you a church for a civil ceremony.
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  • Agree with PPs.  Churches aren't backdrops.  If you want to have a civil ceremony, you should think about other locations - parks, museums, galleries, restaurants, theaters, planetariums, etc. - than do not have the same spiritual and symbolic purpose as a church. 

    DH and I do not actively practice the religion we were reared in, so we had our ceremony in a reclaimed theater.  It was a beautiful and deeply meaningful space to us but also appropriate for a civil ceremony.

  • I have seen venues that have pretty white "churches" for the ceremony but that is included with the reception venue package. 
  • Try the chapel at the Newport navy base
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