For those who have been to tropical Caribbean (Costa Rica, Belize, etc)

...did you have any issues with mosquitoes/sand flies/noseeums?  If so, what bug spray did you use?

We're going to Roatan next weekend and I normally get eaten up by mosquitoes, so I'm looking for something more effective than just the 'normal' spray, especially since Roatan is technically in a Malaria-risk area.  Suggestions??

Re: For those who have been to tropical Caribbean (Costa Rica, Belize, etc)

  • I live in Costa Rica. I NEVER got bug bites in the U.S. or anywhere else I traveled, but they got me here. Other foreigners seem to have the same trouble, especially in rainy season. I use OFF! One of my bottles is something like 99% deet. I had hesitations about deet, but I use it in small quanitites only when I'm in buggy places at it works. 

    Apparently taking garlic pills works, as well, though I've never tried that.
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    you can treat you clothes with premethrin - you can get it at a travel healt clinic usually.  Its not for use on you directly, but you treat your clothes ahead of time that you wil wear in the jungle and the bugs won't come anywhere near you!  We did this when on a jungle excursion in Belize, and it worked amazingly.  Also, if you are in jungle areas, best to wear long pants.   If you're on the beach the whole time, you may not need this, but just in case you're getting adventurous you may want treat one outfit (i.e. long pants and a shirt).  
  • Get strong off Deet for jungle treks and Avon Skin so soft sunscreen or bug spray for the beach (to take care of the no see ums. Also take some anti-itch cream, because you probably will get a couple of bites. Did you see your Dr. or Travel clinic about being up to date on any vaccinations?

  • skin so soft never works for me and i get eaten alive.

    i used Deep Woods Off in costa rica and was fine.


  • Jungle Juice from REI
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  • This may be too late (assuming by next weekend, you meant this weekend), but maybe it will help out someone else.

    When we went to CR, we had a prescription insect repellant lotion. I don't know what it is, but it was prescribed at the travel clinic. It worked wonders (because I did get chewed when I wasn't wearing it)! I also went on a preventative course of anti-malarial drugs just in case (there are newer ones with less side effects, and I was fine on them), which had to be started a week before departure, continued through the duration of the trip and for about a week after if I recall correctly. 
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