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Dread... vent

I've really had it with my mother.  I called the house to talk to my dad on Monday and my mom answered and told me I have to redo the seating chart even though she has no idea where anyone is sitting besides herself, her side of the family (they're all at the same table since they're only 6 people besides my parents), my brothers, and my nephew.  Apparently there's drama that nobody ever told me about and probably only exists in my mom's brain.

Anyway, I was asking my dad what's up with the seating arrangement and what my mom thinks needs to be fixed (keep in mind that she knows nothing), and my dad said "I don't know, you'll have to deal with her."  My mom only overheard the "deal with her" part and thinks my dad is talking smack about her behind her back even though it's nothing of the sort.  When my dad tried to explain to her exactly what he meant, my mom would just shriek over him, the kind of shrieking that blows out your vocal cords, and she wouldn't let him finish a single sentence before she did that.  I know this behavior well from growing up and I think my brothers and I always assumed that she'd scream herself deaf by now.  I do not envy my dad having to live with her sometimes.  That man is a saint.

Now I have to try to reason with her at some point before tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to being screamed at for no reason whatsoever.  I've arranged the tables so they all have 8-10 people, and now my mom is going to try to mess it all up and whine about having to sit with her own family (don't blame her, my grandpa and uncle aren't exactly pleasant) and how there's assigned seating at all.  It's like trying to reason with a child, I swear, but at least kids don't typically hold purse strings or hang up on you after throwing a tantrum (well, maybe, but it's way more mild than the standard treatment from my mom).

Thanks for listening.  I needed to get that off my chest.

Re: Dread... vent

  • Yikes, I feel for ya. Dealing with MOB can sometimes be the hardest part about planning. When my mom is being irrational, I have to go to my happy place and remain as calm as possible so i can try to reason with her (which is so hard).  Girlie's suggestion above is a good one. 

    Hope the next conversation with your mom goes better than expected.
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