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August 2010 Weddings

Painted Aisle Runner - PIP!

I just finished painting on our aisle runner! I didn't think I could do it, and it turned out fantastic!!!

The ONLY thing is that just as I started working on the B, I dropped the blue paint brush onto the aisle runner :( In an attempt to cover it up, I painted over it with white, but its more noticeable then it was before :( 

Is that the first thing you see when you look at it, or does it look ok?

Re: Painted Aisle Runner - PIP!

  • I didn't notice it until I read through your post.  You could make the B wider to cover or a flourish or flower to cover up.  That is only if it bothers you. Your  guests are going to be looking at you, not your aisle runner.   One even line through your B should take care of it.  Great job.  Looks good!
  • Looks Great! I did not notice until you pointed it out.  No one will see it!
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  • See I told you you could do it!!!! :) I agree with PP...I didn't notice it until you mentioned it in your post. If you feel the need to fix it, just do what suzie said...make the line of B a little bit wider. No one will ever know it was supposed to look like that. :) Good job!
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  • i didn't notice until i read your post and even then i had trouble finding it. i don't think anyone will notice.
  • It looks awesome! I didn't notice it until you pointed it out and then I had to search for it. Don't sweat it. IT LOOKS PERFECT!
  • aweilbaaweilba member
    It looks amazing!  This is one project I'm too nervous to try out, but after seeing so many of the nice ones you girls have made, I might give it a go.  I honestly didn't even notice the paint spot until you mentioned it in your post, but as pp said, if it bothers you a flourish or flower would look fine there to cover it up!  Very cute!
  • Thank you so much ladies!!!! I think you can see it more in person but I wont worry about it.

    aweilba I wasn't going to do it because I was way too nervous and am NOT a DIY person but it was soooo easy...just dont drop the paint brush on the runner! :)
  • Awww I love it! I agree with the other ladies...it looks perfect!

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  • Wow, that looks awesome! Couldn't find the spot until 30 seconds after reading it was there. Not noticible at all!
  • Thanks so much ladies!
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