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Calling my in-laws names...

I just have to say, I really like my future in-laws. :D They are so flexible and easy-going.
A few days ago I had an impromptu dinner with them when they were in town, and I was able to bring something up that I'd been battling with. FI's gram lives where I work, so I have had a business relationship with FI's parents for longer than we've been dating. I've called his parents by their first names for a while now, but it's starting to feel awkward to do so when we're in more personal settings. I want to be able to address them by a "nickname" of some sort. So at dinner the other night, I explained where I was coming from, and asked if they had a preference on what they wanted me to call them. And they said I can call them whatever I like, anytime! :D So I think I'm going to start calling them mom and dad, even before the wedding, since that's what naturally wants to come out anyways. :)

Re: Calling my in-laws names...

  • melissamc2melissamc2 member
    edited December 2011
    I've referred to my now in-laws as "Mom" and "Dad" for nearly a year.  Like you said, it just felt pefectly naturally and everyone was comfortable/happy with it, so I think that's a great decision.

    I'm glad to hear that someone else has such a great relationship with their in-laws.  You always hear so many bad stories/complaining, but there are a few of us floating around out here who got a pretty good deal! :)
  • lalap69lalap69 member
    edited December 2011
    Aw, I love FMIL and I've almost called her Mom a couple of times because I get used to hearing her called that by FI, but it would really hurt my mom's feelings if I did that.  So, first name it is.  It's what his SILs call her anyway.  It's great that you have such a great relationship. :)
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  • edited December 2011
    I call my IL's by their first names. Well, MIL goes by a nickname, so I use that as well. I have a Mom and Dad and feel weird calling 2 sets of parents Mom and Dad. I think I will keep that reserved for my own parents.
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