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Reception Ideas

Is it to over the top?

My husband and I are planning a reception to celebrate our marrige with our families since we got married in a small chapel in Texas the day he graduated basic training. I wanted to wait for a big day to have a wedding, but agreeded to do the small ceromony with only his parent and sister in attendence. Now we are planning our reception and we have run into the conflict of it being 'too much'. We are using the colors Plum and Peacock, and incorperating peacock feathers into the decor. I want it to be glitzy and closer to what you see in shows like my fair wedding for example. Is it to much to shoot for a wedding like that, especially since my parents are the ones helping to pay for so much?

Re: Is it to over the top?

  • You can do so much with uplighting these days depending on where your wedding is held.

    For example my friend got married in a VFW hall. She freaked that the room wasn't pretty enough.Long story short her theme was cherry blossoms.  She found an uplighting company that would use a gobo to cast cherry blossoms on her walls so it looked like they were flowing in the breeze.

    It totally transformed the room into something sort of magical.  It was amazing!

    You could use uplighting to transform the room with the colors in the feathers.  White as the main color and accent everything with the feathers as to not get too cheesy.

  • I think your plans sound amazing! And of course it has to be a certain amount of "wedding-y" since it is to celebrate your marriage! My goodness!

    As for your parents ... have they told you how much they are willing to give you? That is, in my opinion, by far the best way to make sure you don't over-stretch them. Your parents love you and want to give you whatever you need to make this day truly special -they will probably not tell you if its a bit much for them. So I'd ask for a number and then don't ask for any more.

    I also agree with sinking money into food and drinks -music and decor are the icing on the cake!  I hope you put up lots of pictures/video from your wedding day!
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