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Europe/Asia Invites. When to send invites?

I have three international invites.  One to Poland, one to Italy, and one to South Korea.  How much sooner do I send them than US invites?  My wedding is on 9/22 and US invites go out 07/07/12.  My RSVP date is 08/11/12 (I know this is a little early, but my vendors require an early head count).  I am providing postage for all US RSVPs but not for international RSVPs for obvious reasons.  Thank you so much!
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Re: Europe/Asia Invites. When to send invites?

  • What LTB said.  I had to send invites to the Caribbean, Switzerland, Lebanon, and the UAE.  Our wedding is at the end of June, and I sent out invites in mid April.  So it was really at 6 weeks, but I had reasons I was unable to send them earlier.  Most of them arrived in a timely fashion, but others still haven't arrived, and it's been almost two months.  You just never know what the mail system will be like elsewhere, so better to send it sooner rather than later.  Many of those guests (family) didn't send the RSVP card back either.  They sent an email to either my mom or my guy's mom. 
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  • I had invites going to Mexico and Hong Kong so I sent them about 2 weeks before the other invites. Also I found out that you can get a international mail voucher at the post office so that they can send back the RSVP, since regular US stamps aren't valid in other countries.
  • Good call on the international mail voucher!!  I did not know that. 
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  • I would send them out within the next week or so.  I've sent cards to/from Germany and some only took a week while others took over a month (and they were sent at the same time).  Plus you have to take into account that they will be sending back the rsvp's and that may also take a few weeks.
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