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Bathroom Baskets

Anyone doing a bathroom basket and if so what are you putting in yours? Are you doing just womens or mens also?

Re: Bathroom Baskets

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    wow I've honestly never heard of that!
    Hm, I think the bathrooms at the park are really small! I wouldn't know where to put it
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    I did.  Don't put too much money into it.  My month board did a poll and most of the stuff got stolen.  I did hairspray, deodorant, mouthwash, cups for the mouthwash, advil, clear nail polish (for runs in hose), a tide stain stick, and.... I really don't remember.  I did buy the baskets at the thrift store for .25/each, because that was one thing I didn't want to keep.  HTH!
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    I'm not going to stress out over bathroom baskets, so I'm not going to do them unless someone offers to make it for me.  They by no means are necessary
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    I personally think bathroom baskets are a very nice and classy thing to do for your guests (females especially). At the very least, it would be nice to have nicer soap (Bath & Body Works) and a lotion from the same place. When my best friend got married she did that, and the guests all complimented what a nice idea it was :-)
  • clearheavensclearheavens member
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    I agree, it's a nice place to incorporate your theme and make your wedding look thoughtful.  A wedding I recently went to had a green theme and she put out green products like Garnier, Bath & Body Works green lotion and body spray,  etc.  It really looked classy!  But I wouldn't put anything out there you can't part with like Chanel No. 5 perfume because you're right, these items may get taken.
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  • kelklumpkelklump member
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    my venue had them already so I didnt have to worry about them.
  • dawnfraleydawnfraley member
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    The baskets that I have seen had your standard Bath & Body lotions, sprays, & Anti-Bacterial gel.  The spray deoderant was a good idea for the summer wedding I recently attended!  Tissues were something I was thinking about in case the hall didn't have them or have the cheapy ones...not to mention our Wedding being in the winter!   
  • Lisa<3PeteLisa<3Pete member
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    I don't think they are required...but I think they are a great idea. One wedding I went to even had some cute individually wrapped candies matching the wedding theme in addition to the basic toiletries, etc. I remember coming out of the bathroom and asking my fiance what he had in his bathroom :-)
  • schroeadschroead member
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    Yes. I'm doing baskets, but not anything extravagant. I'm filling them with ,saftey pins, advil, brush ups, mints,spray deoderant,throw away combs and hand lotion. The ladies will also get some tampons/pads, hairspray, and bobbie pins as well!

    Just a little added touch to make them feel welcome!
    !Happily Married!
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    Agreed! I am doing them they are a quick and cute gesture!
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