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What causes impossible results?

If weight loss is purely determined by calories in vs calories out, then what explains mathematically impossible results? For example, I'm pretty sure I only had about a 4,000 calorie deficit this week, which is a little over 1 pound lost. However, the scale said almost 4 pounds lost. It's not like I'm complaining, but I'm pretty sure that if I ate one really big meal, all those extra unexplained pounds would pile right back on. What gives?

Re: What causes impossible results?

  • It's not just math, it's metabolism.  Congrats on the loss!
  • Everyone is different. Take the loss and keep working hard. One meal won't kill you and sometimes it can spike things. Just keep taking note of how your body reacts. In the long run and generally, calories in vs. calories burned is how it works, but it varies from person to person.
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    I'm not really sure what causes it, but a lot of times your body will balance itself next week. So don't be surprised if you don't see as much loss as is owed to you next week. I'm doing a weight loss challenge at my gym and the first week almost all of my team lost more then they earned in calorie deficit. However week two most of us also got less when we earned and my trainer said this is pretty normal.
  • Wow I responded and didnt even know it?!

    What I was going to say is that calores in vs calories out, is generally how it works - but there are so many variables that sometimes that doesnt stand true. I have been running enough of a deficit that I should be losing 1lb a week, and I dont. Sometimes your body does funny things based on what youve eaten recently, time of month, the weather, how much sleep youve gotten, what type of work outs youve been doing, etc. The list is endless.
  • It will also depend on what time of day you are weighing... typically we weigh more at night.. the best time to weigh is right after you wake up and use the restroom..  it will get rid of the variations because you are starting at the same point every day, there will be no food/drink still digesting or bloating you.
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