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Uninvited neighborhood kids

Today, 5 days after our RSVPs were due, I got a response from my FI's neighbor, whose invite was addressed to her and her husband, for them and 3 kids. How do we go about this? For starters, my FH and I don't even know these people, so the fact that they are bringing 3 kids really puts me off. I also recently got one for a family of 5 RSVPing for 6, for a daughters bf. My own family asked if the could bring boyfriends, and these people just add on extra guests without asking?? UGH people are so rude. Anyone else having/had this problem?

Re: Uninvited neighborhood kids

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    You or your FI calls and says, "I'm sorry, but the invitation was for you and your husband only; we can't accommodate the kids."

    Adults should be invited with their significant others; the asking about boyfriends is totally legitimate.  Adding on children is not.
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    Simply call them and tell them that you cannot accomodate them due to space or budget limitations.
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  • I got this and my invites haven't gone our OR my STDs....I sent some emails asking for addies and names of significant others (if not listed on FB) and one girl sent a list with her children and her uncles children (who she lives with) I did not intend on that many children....but we can accomodate. If you can not it is BEST to make sure you speak to them and say something.
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  • If neither of you know them, then why were they invited?  If you cannot accomodate the 3 kids, then someone will need to contact them and let them know that you are sorry but do not have the space or budget for them (the kids).  Is it too late to add in the adults being that it's after your RSVP date?

    I have not had anyone add people, but we invited all of each family.  We did have to track down a LOT of non-responders and still don't have all of them (and our wedding is in 5 days!)
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  • While you do need to include boyfriends, I don't know that I'd include boyfriends for someone under 18, so I think that's a legit complaint.
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  • My FMIL insisted on inviting numerous neighbors who we don't know becuase they don't have "a lot of family". 6 neighborhood ladies were invited by her to my shower, which was awkward. My FMIL said she would mention it to her- if she doesn't I suppose it will fall on me- I don't know her anyway so whats to lose?!
  • My mom put adult only reception on her invites (I know, big no no) and my dad's aunt brought SEVEN kids. Worst part, only two of them were her children.
  • If she doesn't handle it, it should fall to your FI, not to you.
  • You don't have to give invites to significant others of people under 18.  I'd be ticked off too.  
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