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Wedding Reception at the BOB

Hi ladies...

I was just wondering if any of you have had your wedding reception at the BOB? My fiance and I are meeting with the coordinator at the BOB tomorrow to possibly sign a contract and work out all of the details. We are planning on having our reception in the Top of the BOB room (3rd floor), not Eve. What are you experiences with the BOB? My only concern is "wedding crashers" sneaking into our reception or random people coming in and trying to get drinks. Have any of you had any BAD experiences like this or am I just worrying too much? Any advice/experiences you can share would be great!

Thanks in advance! :)

Re: Wedding Reception at the BOB

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    I know that The BOB has pretty good security. Other then that I really dont know but I would make sure you talk to them about what safe gards they have in place to stop this from happening.
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    Ive heard great things about "the Bob" for receptions.
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