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Beverage options?

Our reception is from 3 to 5. It's a small, very informal wedding with only 25 to 30 guests. FI and two guests are gluten free, so we are trying to keep everything GF. We are planning to have shrimp cocktail, cheese and grapes, veggies and hummus, cupcakes GF and regular and ice cream.

We are planning on punch for a beverage but I feel like we need at least one alternative. The reception venue does not allow any alcohol. What else would be good to have? Coffee? Bottled water? We need to keep things fairly simple because of time, space, and transportation restraints.

Also, should we have anything else available foodwise? Mixed nuts maybe? Other ideas?

The ceremony is at 1pm, but it's literally right next door to Pike Place Market, so if people want to grab lunch first it should not be that hard to do.

Re: Beverage options?

  • I think that sounds like enough food, but I would definitely have some coffee (regular and decaf) and some bottled water available.
  • Is your ceremony going to be 2 hours long?  I would adjusting the timing so that the ceremony goes right into the reception.  While people can always get their own lunch, it's not the nicest to have a gap where people are supposed to do that (and might be dressed up) rather than hosting them, so I would move your ceremony a little later, since 1 pm is really lunchtime, IMO.  
    I think that that food sounds fine, and I would add coffee, tea, and water.  I don't think you could go wrong adding more food, so maybe corn chips w/guacamole and salsa, or you could get some frozen appetizers from Costco (or something similar), if you are able to heat them up.  

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    The ceremony isn't two hours long but it's in a different location from the reception. We have to get to the reception venue by 2:40 to set up, and starting it at two would not have left enough time. The 3 to 5 time slot is set by the venue so there was no ability to adjust that. At this point the invites have been sent, so we have to work with those times. If that means we need a bit more food then so be it. There is no way to heat anything up, but chips and guac would work great.
  • You could do iced tea, lemonade, coffee, and water. I'd definitely have water as an option.
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  • I suggest to always have water.. maybe do lemon aid or ice tea

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  • Water for sure. I would add nuts to the food list.
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    Thanks for all the replies. We've decided to add coffee and water along with the punch. We're also going to do chips, salsa, and guac, and FI wants to do a tray of rolled up cold cuts with some mustard for dipping.
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