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FI and I are thinking about getting a dog, but maybe not until after we return from the honeymoon.  I am worried about two things:  (A) we already have a very sweet kitty who I love and I would need the dog to get along with her (B) FI and I both work and are gone for alot of the day.  We'd need a dog that doesn't require much excercise.  So.....

Do you have any pets?

What kind?

If you have a dog and you and FI work full-time, what is the breed / what do you do to take care of him/her during the day while you and FI are at work?
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  • We have two pugs.

    When Gus was a puppy (we adopted Geege when he was three), he stayed in a cage for 6 months during the day. I would come let him out at lunch. Now they're good for up to 8 hours at a time, and we're usually not both gone for more than 8 hours since FI works partly from home.

    My boys are super spoiled.

    Small dogs are harder to train in general, and they have smaller bladders so when it comes to house training it can be difficult. Large dogs need a lot of exercise.

    Do you have a fenced in yard? Our guys love to run around like jackholes out there.
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    I have two wonderful boy cats that are very easy to care for:



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    We have 2 dogs, a toy poodle and a dalmation/lab mix. We live in a townhouse with a small backyard which is nice for my poodle but our other dog needs tons of exercise and it's really tough with Fi and I both working full time.

    It is definitely worth it. Even though they wake us up like babies at 7 am on Saturday, get upset stomachs from time to time, whine and bark because theyrre brats!

    Having a pet is a great thing, though. They're great companions. I would just play with/read about a lot of different breeds and find out what matches your personality! And def. if you can adopt one!!




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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_september-2010-weddings_nwr-pets?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:594Discussion:25e0fa28-2023-414c-9080-ed4f7c4f2a4bPost:fe5f9b64-3235-4338-bb23-3e1e3d1fde19">NWR: PETS!</a>:
    [QUOTE] We'd need a dog that doesn't require much excercise.  [/QUOTE]

    Does not exist.

    FI and I both work, but leave for work at different times. He walks the pup before he leaves for work, and I walk the pup when I get home from work.

    ETA: We have two cats. While they're not best friends with the pup, they finally stopped using their claws when batting at him. He just had to learn. I'm not saying shove them all in a room together first thing, but gradually introduce them. Make sure the kitty has someplace that's hers, where the pup can't get.
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  • We have a pug too.  When we got her, we owned a retail store and we took her to work.  So we let her out during the day and having the store made her super social w/ humans, and less likely to bark. 

    We did, however, train her to go potty in a box.  We got one of those under bed storage bins and filled it with pine bedding.  When we're gone for long periods, she uses her box.  Obviously if we're home, we let her out.  We clean it once a month to keep the room smelling fresh, but I would highly recommend box training for small dogs (small bladders).

    We got her in January in CO so there was snow everywhere and it made it VERY conducive to box training as she was 3 lbs and freezing in the snow.

    Pugs don't NEED a lot of exercise, but of course, it's good for them.  In the winter, I hardly walk her.  But in the summer, we walk as much as possible.  Good luck!  We love our baby so much :) 


  • We're one big dog-lovin' family, so this is how it breaks down:

    1. Shadow (mine) is a Siberian Husky/German Shepherd mix. Absolutely do not get an athletic breed if you don't have time to work out some of that energy. He does fine in his crate during the day but left on his own (or outside) he will dig, run and generally destroy anything that amuses him. He's too clever for his own good and is a handful. Requires a LOT of attention. He sheds like a motherfker and can't eat any food with chicken in it or he'll get sick out both ends. Yeesh. He loves cats. They're his favourite plaything. The cats are not so fond of him.

    2. Sophie (mine) is a Cocker Spaniel. She was tough as a puppy but as she's gotten older, she's mellowed out a lot. Every Cocker I've ever had has had stomach issues. They throw up a lot. So it can get messy. Energy-wise, she's pretty low maintenance and does just fine with a bit of walking and tug of war. Her coat, on the other hand, requires a lot of attention. She sheds and needs to be clipped once a month or she just turns into a shaggy, matted furball. She tends to get aggressive around furry newcomers but calms down when she decides they're not a threat to her princess status. Was raised with a cat, so could care less about them. They'll snuggle together.

    3. Taylor (Jason's) is a Boxer. She seems bored all the time and demands a lot of playtime. FI walks her about a mile every day and she's still full of energy. She sheds a little bit (she's 1/8 lab so I think that's where it comes from). Does really well in the crate on rainy days while we're at work, and tends to lay around the backyard if left on her own for the day. She's actually probably one of the smartest dogs I've ever met.

    4. Harley (sister's) is a Pekepoo - half Pekinese, half poodle. She's a tiny little thing and is about as high maintenance as a goldfish. Sister leaves her out in the apartment while she's at work and she's small enough that she can't do major damage to anything. She's got really bad separation anxiety whenever sister is out of her sight, but that's just because they're super-close, I think. She hardly sheds and her coat is naturally pretty short, so she doesn't need constant grooming. I would really recommend this breed for an apartment or if you need a low-maintenance dog. Most cats are bigger than she is, so she tends to let them be the alpha in most situations. This 12-lb dog thinks she's a rottweiler around the other dogs, though; Taylor and Shadow both tend to give her a wide berth lol.

    5. Radar (cousin's) is a Schnauzer and, apart from a monthly or bimonthly trip to the groomer, seems pretty low maintenance. He's very vocal. He's technically cousin's 8 year old son's dog, but come on. Anyway, they live in an apartment and he stays crated while she's at work and he's at school. I can pretty much guarantee they don't exercise him very often at all, but he's healthy and playful and I think mini-master keeps him entertained enough to keep his energy levels in check.

    ... I think that covers all the dogs I "know personally" apart from our Mattie, who's another shepherd mix. She was a handful when she was younger but she's about 16 years old now so all bets are off as to what's "normal."

    HTH a little bit.

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  • Do you have any pets? - yup; a VERY sweet cat named Mandi.  She's our baby girl <3

    What kind? - see above

    If you have a dog and you and FI work full-time, what is the breed / what do you do to take care of him/her during the day while you and FI are at work?

    So if FI and I were to get a dog, I would obviously walk it once before work, once as soon as I get home, and at least once more before bed time.  On the weekends I could take the dog to play outside at a park somewhere.  I'm just concerned that this isn't enough!  I want to be fair to the dog.  We might need to get someone to come in and walk it during the day for us.
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  • Tanner (aka T-Dogg, T, Little Girl - ha ha!) is a bullmastiff mutt - we don't know what else she's got in her, think some boxer & even maybe a little pit, but we adopted her from the local shelter.  We also have 4 cats and she gets along famously with them.  She's a pretty lazy dog - I only have a small backyard and that's enough for her to run around in for a short while.  She goes to doggie daycare once a week to keep her socialized & get a bit more exercise.  FI and both work full-time, but I put her out in the morning before leaving for work (about 6 am) and let her out when I get home (5 pm) and aside from the adjustment period when we first got her, she only has accidents when she's not feeling well, which is rare.

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  • We're thinking about getting a French Bulldog.  What does everyone think??

    Just want to reiterate that I am a total dog lover and would give as much time and love to the dog as I possibly can!  He/She would be taken on walks, played with, snuggled with, everything lol
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    Google dog parks in the Boston area and I'm sure you can come up with one close to you, if you're worried about socialization and getting enough play time. When we bring Shadow and Taylor, after an hour or two they're begging to go home. Shadow, who never stops running, will actually lay down at my feet lol.

    ETA: French Bullies are the bomb! They're so cute and the ones we've met at the dog parks are friendly and play well with ours.

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    We have 2 dogs and a cat...

    Owen - Basset Hound
    He is crazy and although he looks little - he's 65 lbs of bone. haha. He is way more active than other Basset Hounds that I've seen and he loves to run and play. He and the cat get along fine. The cat likes to lick his face and cuddle with him, but besides that - he basically ignores her. He's a talker though - and a LOUD one at that

    Bailey - Mini Dachshund
    Bailey is my baby, she's small and has a lot of energy, but LOVES to cuddle and chase squirrels. Her and the cat are about the same size, so they play a lot. Sometimes they hurt eachother, but not anything that is serious (pulling hair, I think). Dachshunds are pretty hard to house train. Bailey is almost 2 and she still has accidents at night.

    Swisher - Cat
    She could care less about the dogs, unless she wants to pick a fight with Bailey.

    We have a yard, so the dogs get to go out there while we are at work. We also try to take them to the dog park at least once a week to let them run free for an hour or so.

    I think that if you just research some dogs, you can find the right one for you.
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  • We aren't allowed to have cats or dogs in our apartment.  We both love animals and cant wait to get a dog or a cat OR BOTH when we buy our house.

    We have two turtles named Buddy Love and Mista Mista-  We sort of "adopted" them from our neighbor who wasn't taking care of them properly and I felt so bad for them.   When we first got them about 2 years ago, they were only about the size of a quarter...now Buddy Love is over 6 inches in Diameter and Mista Mista about 4 inches.  They are adorable, and believe it or not are very friendly but a ton of work to maintain the huge tank and keep it clean.  Pain in the neck but its a labor of love, I've learned to love those little buggers and would be heart broken if something happened to one of them. 

    Best thing = I am on the road for work by 645am and usually dont get home til 730-800pm.  They are fine all day without you and happy to see you when you get home. (because that means its time to eat!!)
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  • awww marley is soo cute LIA!!! 
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  • I have a Labradoodle named Ralph (he's half cream colored standard poodle - his dad, and half black lab - his mom). Ralph is 1 1/2 years old and is about 80-85 lbs. He is super sweet, loves to cuddle and be in the mix when we have get togethers and parties. Very sociable. He is my fur baby.

    We have a large backyard that he runs around all the time. In the morning when I'm getting ready he gets fed and stays outside for 30-45 minutes. When he was a baby we would have a neighbor come over and let him out. Now he goes all day (usually 7am - 6pm at the latest) without going out.

    We are still having issues with walking him, he loves to pull but we are working on it. We do take him to the dog park and he loves to play/run with the other dogs. He has a tough time in the car and does get car sick on long (2+ hours) rides.

    The vet bills can be a little tough, especially in the beginning. We got Ralph fixed so that was an additional cost, shots, meds, it all adds up. I wouldn't trade Ralph for the world - I love him and he is part of our family.

    Good Luck finding your pet!! :)
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  • FI and I have two cats which we adopted last year when they were babies. our current apartment building is pet friendly but being that we don't have a backyard, we didn't want to get a dog.

    Our cats are low maintenance, greet us when we come home (sometimes) and loveable.

    I would suggest like some PP's have said, research breeds, if you adopt one from a rescue organization make sure it does get along with cats. IMO, dogs need exercise no matter what. So if you can't put 30-60 mins aside each day to walk it or play, it's not fair to the dog.
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_september-2010-weddings_nwr-pets?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:594Discussion:25e0fa28-2023-414c-9080-ed4f7c4f2a4bPost:7715b664-ad52-4baa-b553-f98d529d2307">Re: NWR: PETS!</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to NWR: PETS! : Does not exist. FI and I both work, but leave for work at different times. He walks the pup before he leaves for work, and I walk the pup when I get home from work. ETA: We have two cats. While they're not best friends with the pup, they finally stopped using their claws when batting at him. He just had to learn. I'm not saying shove them all in a room together first thing, but gradually introduce them. Make sure the kitty has someplace that's hers, where the pup can't get.
    Posted by Trishes[/QUOTE]

    It does! We have 3 greyhounds who barely even like to go for walks. They do occasional runs around our fenced in yard, but mostly they are 40mph couch potatoes! They literally sleep 20 hours a day - no exaggeration!
  • All the literature I've read says that French Bulldogs require "minimal excercise, but at least one walk a day."

    I think I can definately handle that!

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  • We have Sammie our 1 year old bundle of joy! haha He is an 80lb+ black lab and ton of energy. We both work full time, Jeff works from home on Wednesdays and we have a dog walker come everyday in the middle of the day and he takes Sam for a walk and plays with him for an hour. In the near future I'm going to go part time so it will no longer be as much of an issue.
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    I have a Boxer/lab mix that is my BABY.  I work from home so she is ridiculously spoiled.

    We just adopted 3 kittens and I alternating like them or HATE them.  ugh.  I dunno what I was thinking.  I hate cats

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  • diablesse- i LOVE your dog. super adorable.

    So where to start.. I am a total dog lover and have always been. I have trained all of my dogs (except FI's) in obedience on and off leash and have also done agility work with 4 of them. 
    My parents have 5 (lived with them up until this year; so really they are mine but i couldn't separate them when I moved) 
    Missy- 14 yo corgi, shepherd mix we got from the shelter at 10 wks old. She is reddish in color and is my baby. We spent over 10 grand on her 3 years ago at UPenn. We were convinced she was dying and so were the doctors. She has had a miraculous turn around, but she is old and slowly losing her appetite. 

    Katie- 12 yo shepherd/husky mix from the shelter at 8 wks old. When we rescued her we could tell she was abused because she had scars on her face. She was people aggressive and many vets told us that we should put her down. We decided to take her to dog training to work out her aggression! Sooo glad we did!! She was the best trained, smartest girl ever! Unfortunately in her old age, she is slowly losing control of her back legs. We are trying to not play God and put her down. If we do have to put her down, we may decide to put Missy down as well because they are buddies and we don't want them to suffer. Not sure yet.

    LaKota- 10 yo German Shepherd. Kota is a beast. Most people think she is male because of how large she is. Stubborn but loveable. And a great watch dog!

    Kylo- 7 yo blackish German Shepherd. He is so loving and sweet. We trained him to be a service dog and we used to take him to nursing and veteran homes/hospitals to visit the elderly. He is still full of energy!

    Bella- 4 yo long haired German Shepherd. Bella used to be a beeeeotch. She is so full of energy and cannot stand to be inside. She loves to run and play with her ball with Kylo. 

    All of my full Shepherds swim in our inground swimming pool. They are a lot of work but it is worth it. Love them all so much. I do not know what I am going to do when they go to doggie heaven.

    At my house with FI:
    Sasha- a 7 yo Husky from the shelter. She is house trained on pads. FI did this when he worked super crazy hours and could not always be home to take her out. Unfortunately we do not have a fence so we continuously walk her on the leash. Best thing about her is that she does not bark at all. She is a spoiled rotten baby and whines... but in general she is good!

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    We have two dogs.

    Datsyuk is a Basset Hound & Great Pyrenees mix. He is almost 2 years old now and he is house trained. We just let him have the run of the house while we are gone. He mostly sleeps all day. He'll have an accident sometimes but they are few and far between. When we are home he spends most of his time running around outside in our fenced-in yard with Dixie, or sleeping under the Maple tree or sleeping on the couch. He likes to sleep.

    Dixie is a Beagle & Jack Russell mix. Her full name is "Dixie, destroyer of worlds". Don't let her cute face fool you. She chewed through our hose today, destroyed my trivets earlier this week, and has chewed up three power cords for my laptop. FI keeps wanting to "give her a chance" but I know she has to stay in her cage when we're gone. The trivets happened amid a bunch of destruction the last time FI decided to leave her out. She is a very energetic breed and loves to run and play. When we are home she runs around outside.

    Dixie is a hunting dog and Datsyuk is a herding dog, so she tries to chase him and he tries to herd her. It's hilarious to watch. They get along well. FI loves Basset Hounds and I can see why. Datsyuk is sweet, well behaved, and very mellow. He rarely barks, he loves to cuddle (which is only a problem because he weighs 75 pounds!!), and he's my baby.
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  • We also have 2 dogs.....


    I got Palmer, who is a Puggle before I knew FI and he is the other love of my life!  He is the most laid back dog you will ever meet and has been since he was a puppy.  He just turned 4 last week.

    Last April we decided to add on to the brood and give him a little play mate so they could stay out and play while we are away at work.  We went to a shelter and adopted what they said was a shepard mix.  No freaking way!  After seeing pictures and behavior of brittany spanials that has got to be him!  If you are not familiar... Brittany spanials are CRAZY, DESTRUCTIVE, HAVE SEPERATION ANXIETY, AND WAY TOO MUCH ENERGY.  Needless to say he is an absolute wild child but I love him all the same.  He unfortunately cannot be left out of his cage so our plan obviously did not pan out.  He loves eating paper... very scary considering our invites are scattered across the house :)

    All in all... I wouldn't change it for the world.  It's a total pain in the butt having to leave somewhere early to let the dogs out but it's totally worth it.  We both work full time and have gotten a system down by now.  We pay the 11 year old next door to let them out once a day since Whiskey is locked up (Yes... you saw this right FI named him Whiskey).  We have an invisible fence in the yard and just run them rampid with frisbees when we get home.

    All in all... they are one of the best things in our lives and are the best of friends.  Just weigh your options and where you are in your life.  It is definitely a commitment.

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