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Starting to Plan for a Destination Wedding

Hi everyone.  I am newly engaged and looking for any and all advice that anyone could offer when it comes to planning a destination wedding.  Where should I search for the most reasonable packages, etc?  Its all quite overwhelming.  :)  Thanks in advance!

Re: Starting to Plan for a Destination Wedding

  • There is a destinations wedding board under the wedding theme boards.  The ladies over there are great and provide some fabulous advice and answers.
  • CONGRATS! When I started planning...my first thought was..How far do I want people to travel? When you answer that question...you can narrow down your options.

  • What area of the world do you want to go to?  That's a good place to start.  And what is your budget, and a general budget that you think your guests can afford; that's another good place to start.  Obviously if budgets are smaller, you should look at closer locations and ones that are more well travelled.  Fiji might be awesome, but the Virgin Islands are probably cheaper.

    We decided we wanted a beachy tropical location.  We didn't want our guests to have to get passports, since many of them are not international travelers on a regular basis.  I've always wanted to go to Hawaii, so there's where we're going.  I started lurking on the HI board to get more information.
  • I would get in touch with a travel agent! They will have a wealth of information on locations, best times to go, package deals etc!
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