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FOB Speech

How many of your fathers are doing/did a speech? My dad has his already planned and is all excited for it, I didn't think it was odd (although I was surprised he wanted to do this... just hoping he sticks to his promise to not drink until after the speech), but my mom thinks it's the oddest and most unnecessary thing ever. He tells her it's what "they do these days" haha, so I guess someone told him along the way and he's been researching it. Honestly, I don't mind him doing a speech it's the GM who ALL want to give a speech that I'm freaking out about (I told FI that they can talk all they want at the rehearsal, but its best men only at the wedding!) and his dad is doing the blessing. I haven't even gotten started on my BMs wanting to do something... yes, too much talking not enough partying!

Moving on from my rambling, did your dad do a FOB speech? Is this normal or is it weird like my mom thinks?

Re: FOB Speech

  • Lola MinnieLola Minnie member
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    My dad gave a speech at our engagement party.  I feel like maybe both dads will say something at the rehearsal

    At our wedding my sis is still considering giving a few sentence toast before the best man. . . but I have seen FOB give speeches before if they are hosting the wedding.

    Do we need to do a grace? Right now I don't think we are.
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    Maybe ask if he would be ok doing it at the rehersal?
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    So funny, I swear like 2 days after we got engaged my dad said he's not making any speeches and does not want to be on camera....Fine with me as long as he walks me down the aisle and we have our dance...He tells me he doesn't want to do any of it but my mom says he's super excited..
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  • mbcdefgmbcdefg member
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    My dad did not give one, but I've been to other weddings where FOB gave one. We only had the Best Man and MOH give a toast, and our priest gave a dinner blessing ... my dad said that he would've done the blessing if the priest didn't attend the reception.

    If he is looking forward to it, then I see no problem with it. I am sure people will be touched by his speech.
  • jamtom2011jamtom2011 member
    edited December 2011
    I went to a wedding where the FOG made a speech.  It was an Irish wedding (bride and groom were both born and raised in Ireland) and I think that might be a tradition for them.  It was the cutest/funniest speech I have ever heard.  I think it would be sweet to have your father make a speech, I wish that my dad would too.
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    lola- I don't think it's necessary to do grace, but we're trying to find a time for FOG to talk since he ALWAYS gives speeches and I can see him just picking up the mic in the middle of dancing just to get something in haha.

    I'm happy with my dad giving a speech, I mean heck that's the only thing he's excited for, I just don't want EVERYONE giving a speech as my FI thinks it's fine. Oh yeah, and FI wants to say something too. the wedding is going to be a circus lol.

  • uppereastgirluppereastgirl member
    edited December 2011
    My father gave a speech.  He welcomed the guests as the host, and then said some nice words about John and me.  I typically love FOB speeches because they're usually so touching.  My dad's speech makes me tear up every time I watch it on our video (probably because you can hear in his voice that he's tearing up).  

    John's father said welcome/made a quick speech at the rehearsal dinner -- that was his gig.

    Lola, whether you do a grace is up to you and how religious you are.
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    yep, my dad will say a few words before dinner, just welcoming everyone to the celebration and thanking everyone for coming - on behalf of him and my mom, FI's parents, and of course of FI and me (we all contributed financially to the wedding).

    we are also doing a quick blessing before dinner, which FI's mom will give since our minister is unable to attend.
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    I like the FOB speech. I think it makes everyone feel welcomed as a guest. I always like to hear what the FOB has to say about his daughter. All the ones I have heard have been really touching.
  • melissa82melissa82 member
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    My dad didn't, but he is not one for public speaking. I've seen it at a lot of weddings...I don't really think it's a "new" thing or odd at all. We just had the BM speech (my sister [MOH], again, not into public speaking) and my uncle said the blessing.

    ETA: Oops, meant "a lot of" not "all"
  • JulepheniaJulephenia member
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    For all that my dad is a professional who does a lot of public speaking, AND he is paying for most of the wedding... I highly doubt he'll do this.

    I'm fairly sure he's going to cry walking me up the aisle, dancing our first dance, and may not make it through the reception without becoming a complete emotional wreck. Which will make ME cry.

    ...Daddy's girl. Oopsie.
  • goaliegirlgoaliegirl member
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    edited December 2011
    In all the weddings I have been to I have never seen this....however, I have seen both the FOB and FOG make speeches at the rehearsal dinner at almost everyone I have been to.     That being said, I don't think it would be a big deal if he did do a speech, but I would say it isn't a good idea to let all the GM speak at the reception...too many people speaking gets a little boring...sorry.
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    Only speeches were from our MOh and BM. None of my friends dads made a speech. My husbands uncle said the grace.

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