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Rhode Island

Ana's Bridal Rant/Rave?

Hi Ladies,

I THINK i'm about ready to put down on a deposit on what could be my dress - BUT i went to grab the address of the bridal shop online to give to one of bridemaids directions - and there are some AWFUL reviews on the shop out there?!?!?!  aaaahhhhhh - now i'm afraid... has anyone used Ana's Bridal in East Prov?  Another bridal shop I went to in Warwick badmouthed them but I thought that was just bad sales tactics... but after the reviews on goggle/citysearch, I'm now terrified they are going to screw up the order/alterations or that the dress will fall apart...

Thoughts? Experiences?  Anti-anxiety medication?

:) Thanks!!

Re: Ana's Bridal Rant/Rave?

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    I bought my dress at Ana's and had my alterations done there, and I had no problems.

    Ana's probably has more rants than the average bridal shop around here, but I wouldn't let that stop you.  One thing to remember is that people are more likely to talk about an awful experience than an average one.
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    3 of my coworkers either got their dress or bridesmaids dresses from them.
    The dresses were altered wrong, failing apart by the end of the night.
    My coworker that got her bridal dress there, they told her alterations were free...when she went to pick up her dress TWO days before her wedding they told her she owed $130 for alterations. 
    If you can find another dress shop that can order that designer I would.
    Try Wishing Well down the street.  I didn't buy my dress there but have heard awesome things.
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    I bought my dress there and had the alterations done on site.  MY buying experience was fantastic and so ws every other aspect of my experience there.  I had 3 fittings the week of the wedding and 3 before then.  I kept losing weight and inches.  They worked up until the night before the wedding to make sure I looked and felt absolutely wonderful in my dress. I recommend them
  • kcabral80kcabral80 member
    edited December 2011
    they definitely have mixed reviews....i had an awful experience with them, but mostly on the tux side, so dont get your tuxes there. my dress actually looked great, and the only dress issue i had with them was that they didnt alter the BM dresses the way i had asked, and when i pointed that out they told me i would have to pay another $15-$20 a dress when the alterations were supposed to be free!
  • hollygb22hollygb22 member
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    I bought my dress, all the BM and the MOB dresses there.

    I had a great experience. When i asked about them on this board, there were really mixed rvws

    But, I went to 3 shops, they had the best prices by far /> my dress was $200 and $250 more at the other shops.

    I had no problem with alterations..all were free. They will take in, hem, and do other small adjustments for free. They explained to me that anything major, that would alter the style or shape of the dress would be extra...for example, if I wanted buttons vs. the zipper on my dress, or we inquired about making the skirt on the BM dresses not as full, she said that would cost extra since we were changing the construction of the dresses.

    They did a great job on my dress. It was ordered a size bigger than it probably should have been. They took it in about 5 inches on each side, I lost a bit of weight due to the flu the week of. I was in there wed before the wedding, it was big in the chest, Ana altered it and it was ready on Friday for me.

    Overall, I'd recommend them. I mostly dealt with the daughter Michelle and Ana with the last minute alterations. Every time I was in there, there were absolute lunatics in there as well which made me have a bit of aympathy for them!
  • soinlove26soinlove26 member
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    iI ordered my dress from there in October.  Its not in yet, but so far I have had no problems and everyone has been really helpful there!

  • jaz0822jaz0822 member
    edited December 2011
    thanks so much!  i met with Ana personally a couple of times and she seemed great. But i ended up going with a dress at another shop!  I just ordered it this weekend!! :) Very exciting!
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